OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro: 5kWh Portable Energy Storage System With 4000W Bi-directional Inverter Starts At Only $3299 On Kickstarter

ABEARL P5000 Pro

OUKITEL just revealed the launch of the ABEARL P5000 Pro – the world’s first 5kWh portable solar power station with 4000W AC output and 120V/240V dual voltage output. The first 150 units of the ABEARL P5000 Pro will be sold at an unbelievable price, just $3,299 on Kickstarter.

ABEARL P5000 Pro/P5000 At A Glance

OUKITEL’s ABEARL P5000 Series portable power stations are designed as a sustainable and reliable backup power system for both home and outdoor usage.

ABEARL P5000 Pro

  • 5120Wh capacity
  • 4000W AC output (8000W Surge)
  • 120V/240V split phase (US version only)
  • LiFePO4 battery
  • 3500 cycles
  • 1600W UPS (< 10ms)

  • 5120Wh capacity
  • 2200W AC output (4000W Surge)
  • LiFePO4 battery
  • 3500 cycles
  • 1400W UPS (< 10ms)

This all-in-one portable power station and solar generator provides an ultimate backup power solution for home, glamping/camping trips, road trips, RVs, EVs, and much more. 

5120Wh Storage Capacity

With the ABEARL P5000 Pro portable power stations, users can access affordable and reliable electricity anytime, anywhere. The device can store 5120Wh energy derived from the grid and/or solar panels and power essential devices in your house for 1 to 7 days. It can also help users save costs by storing low-cost energy and supplying it during peak periods, when electricity prices are higher. 

4000W AC Output & 120V/240V Split Phase

A major benefit of the ABEARL P5000 Pro portable generators is their high AC output of 4000W. It powers and charges almost everything from high-wattage electric stoves, induction cooktops, ovens, and refrigerators, to power tools and medical devices. Some portable power stations support only max. 120V AC output in the USA. Others may need two units and a hub or adapter to run a 240V appliance in the USA. 

The built-in 120V/240V split phase power system in the ABEARL P5000 Pro (US version) enables a single unit to deliver both 120V and 240V output directly. This ensures high-wattage appliances, like electric saws, clothes dryers, washing machines, electric heaters, air conditioners, electric vehicles and RVs can all be safely powered.

EV-Grade LiFePO4 Batteries & BMS

The massive energy storage system adopts EV-grade explosion-proof lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, which are the safest, most stable and most reliable lithium batteries. OUKITEL claims their ABEARL P5000 Series home generators offer 3500 life cycles and will retain battery life for ten years. 

Gizchina News of the week

The device also comes with the best battery management system (BMS) to keep the power station and connected devices safe.

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Blazing Fast Charging & Recharging  Speeds

  • Charging

The portable power station for home packs fifteen output ports, including five pure sine wave AC outlets and two 100W PD USB-C ports. It can intelligently detect connected devices and power and charge everything at their optimal charging speeds.

  • Recharging

Thanks to the integrated state-of-the-art 4000W bi-directional inverter, buyers can quickly recharge it at home or while off-grid with solar panels.

  • Fully charged in 1.8 hours via dual charging (solar + AC input)
  • Fully charged in 3 hours via 1800W ultra-fast AC charging
  • And fully charged in 5 hours via 1000W solar charging

Other Features

  • Super Quiet Operation

This portable generator produces no noise or air pollution while operating, so it can be used indoors and is neighborhood-friendly 

  • Ultra Portable Design

The portable power station weighs 112.4 lbs. Two wheels and a suitcase-style handle make it easy to roll it around the house or camping site.

  • Compatible with Most Solar Panels

With a 99% MPPT efficiency, this portable solar generator can generate 30% more electricity than others. It is compatible with solar panels with MC4 connectors, including OUKITEL portable solar panels.

  • Seamless UPS System                     

And It can even be used as a 1600W seamless UPS with a sub-10ms switchover time. It is safe to use with computers, CPAP machines, and other sensitive appliances.

  • Charge EVs with Ease

The portable power backup can get an electric vehicle to travel about 18 miles.

Super Early Bird Price & Coupon

The OUKITEL 5120Wh portable power stations will be available on Kickstarter on February 3rd, 2023. They are also offering a special coupon as pre-pay $100 to get $500 cashback on the official website. 

For the first 150 units of ABEARL P5000 Pro, buyers can get them at a super early bird price of $3,299. Chances are buyers can get the OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro at the lowest price of $2,899. 

For the first 100 units of ABEARL P5000, buyers can get at a super early bird price of $2,499. Chances are buyers can get the ABEARL P5000 at the lowest price of $2,099 as well.

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