European Union Might Impose Restrictions on ChatGPT

Breton Thierry

European Union Internal Market Commissioner Breton Thierry said that it is necessary to introduce new rules for AI. They should make people think that using ChatGPT and other AI tools is safe.

As he noted, ChatGPT raises some concerns because it could be used for fraud, educational abuse, etc.

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In this regard, Breton thinks that AI systems need rapid regulation and global standards for this industry. This is what they are discussing in Brussels now.

ChatGPT Plus

Breton said that the EU is now working with the Council of the EU and the European Parliament to further clarify the rules in the AI ​​Law.

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“People would need to be informed that they are dealing with a chatbot and not with a human being. Transparency is also important with regard to the risk of bias and false information,” he said.

Can EU Ban ChatGPT?

The European Union has been working on new rules and regulations for AI long ago. The main goal os to balance AI’s benefits with the potential risks it poses to basic rights, such as privacy and non-discrimination. The regulations ought to cover a wide range of AI apps. They include not only chatbots but also biometric identification systems. These rules will have a huge impact on the future of AI in the EU.

But the European Union does not have the power to block a language model like ChatGPT. The latter is one of the best AI language models. In many cases, it is a great tool to assist with providing responses based on patterns it has learned from vast amounts of text data. The European Union’s regulations relate to the use of personal data and privacy but do not extend to the direct blocking of AI tools.

p.s. in Colombia, a judge used the ChatGPT neural network to issue a court decision.

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