Will ChatGPT cause mass unemployment? The AI tool gives an answer

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Since the official launch of ChatGPT, a generative AI tool, back in November 2022, its growth has been massive. At the moment, its active users exceed 100 million. The AI tool hit this huge number just two months after its official release. With these huge numbers, ChatGPT is now by far the swiftest-growing app in the history of the tech industry. According to Bill Gates’ opinion on ChatGPT, the development of this AI tech is just as significant historically as the invention of the Internet and PCs.


In a conversation with ChatGPT, the AI tool can give a very detailed description of what it does. However, it acknowledges that its knowledge has a limit and it only gets responses based on text papers available online as of 2021. However, ChatGPT ranks itself higher than Xiaoai and Siri.

ChatGPT has shown its capacity in writing sack letters in a very calm and positive tone. It also takes care of some basic math problems and predicts “the trend of the tech industry in 2023.”

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine translation are two AI techs that, according to ChatGPT, have significantly altered the Internet sector. While ChatGPT has several positives, it also has issues of its own. This tool consistently provides the same response to certain common and particular topics, sometimes even making mistakes.


ChatGPT will not claim jobs

For those who have used this AI tool, it is quite clear that the responses from this tool are not foolproof. If the response must be perfect, there is a need for human guidance. Also, to get a decent text length out of this tool, the human needs to know how to ask the relevant question. Thus, ChatGPT can not lead to a widespread loss of jobs. Even the tool itself does not think it has the capacity to cause unemployment.

We asked ChatGPT if it will cause mass unemployment, in fact, it believes that it can create new jobs. See its response below

“It is unlikely that ChatGPT will cause mass unemployment on its own. While AI and language models like ChatGPT can automate certain tasks, they also have the potential to create new job opportunities in areas such as development, maintenance, and training of AI systems. The impact of AI and language models on employment will likely be shaped by broader economic and technological trends, as well as government policies”.

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