The PS5 will make your PC jealous with this update


The PlayStation 5 is set to receive a major update, currently available only to users registered in its beta program. This update includes several exciting new features, including the arrival of Discord, the popular chat and voice communication platform, and the addition of VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) at 1440p. This new update reflects Sony’s efforts to attract players who are accustomed to the PC gaming ecosystem.

The PS5 will soon support 1440p


For years, the PS5 has offered a voice chat feature, however, it lacked the comprehensive functionality of platforms like Discord, which has become a standard in the PC gaming community. This is why the arrival of Discord to the PS5 is such an exciting development. With this integration, PC and PS5 players will be able to communicate in real time through voice chat, making cross platform play even more seamless.

In addition to the arrival of Discord, the update will also include several other important additions. Players will be able to download their game captures directly to the PlayStation app. Eliminating the need to transfer files through other methods. This is a significant improvement for players who have struggled with this issue since the launch of the PS5.

Furthermore, the update will allow for the migration of saved data from a PS4 to the PS5 through the PlayStation Network, making the transition to the new console even smoother. This is another problem that players have faced since the launch of the PS5. And Sony has finally addressed it in this update.

More broadly, this update highlights Sony’s commitment to attracting PC gamers to the PS5. With the increasing cost of laptops and graphics cards, Sony has a unique advantage with its console. Which is capable of displaying 1440p at an affordable price of only $499. This, combined with the addition of VRR for 1440p and the compatibility with Discord, shows Sony’s intention to make the PS5 a more appealing option for PC gamers.

This update represents a major step forward for the PS5. And players can expect even more exciting developments in the near future. With consoles finally back in stock, Sony will continue its work to attract more players to its platform.

What about the PS5 Pro?

PS5 Pro

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The PlayStation 5, or PS5, has been one of the most successful gaming consoles of all time since its release in November 2020. The console has received a lot of praise for its high-speed performance, stunning graphics, and excellent game library. However, despite its success, there have been rumors and speculation about the potential release of a more powerful version of the PS5, dubbed the PS5 Pro.

While Sony has not officially announced the existence of a PS5 Pro, rumors about the new console have been circulating for months. Some sources claim that the PS5 Pro will be more powerful than the standard PS5. Featuring upgraded hardware and performance capabilities.

If these rumors are true, it’s likely that the PS5 Pro will feature improved hardware components, including a more powerful GPU, a larger amount of RAM, and faster storage speeds. This could result in even more stunning graphics, smoother performance, and a more immersive gaming experience.

Additionally, the PS5 Pro could also offer support for higher-resolution displays, including 8K resolution and 120Hz refresh rates. This would make the console even more appealing to gamers who are looking for the ultimate gaming experience.

Another potential feature of the PS5 Pro could be the integration of ray tracing technology. Ray tracing is a cutting-edge rendering technique that provides more realistic lighting and shadows in video games. If the PS5 Pro supports this technology, it could offer even more stunning graphics and a more immersive gaming experience.

While there is no official word from Sony regarding the release of a PS5 Pro, the company has a history of releasing upgraded versions of its consoles. For example, the PlayStation 4 Pro was released in 2016, offering improved performance and compatibility with 4K displays.

In conclusion, the PS5 Pro is just a rumor at this point. And it’s not clear if it will ever become a reality. However, with the success of the standard PS5 and the growing demand for even more powerful gaming consoles, it’s possible that we may see a PS5 Pro in the future. Whether it becomes a reality or not, one thing is for sure: the future of gaming looks bright. And we can’t wait to see what comes next.


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