Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Can Be Charged Once In Two Days

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The more powerful a smartphone, the more power it uses. The bigger and brighter the screen, the more power it uses. The more tasks it can do at the same time, the more power it uses. Obviously, performance and battery life are at odds. But those who complain about poor battery life should be from the Android camp. Apple iPhones do not suffer from this. Well, the cure seems to be here. At least it should work for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phones. Recently, Neowin published an article about the battery test results of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. According to the media, this phone can be charged every two days. Do you agree that this is something unheard of for flagship Android phones?

No Need To Charge Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Every Day

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra test results were compared with those of the S22 Ultra (Exynos version). Both phones had the same applications installed. During the test, the Samsung S23 Ultra retained 16% of battery power after 1 day and 8 hours of use. The S22 Ultra only had 4% left after 22 hours of use.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra battery test

As a reminder, both phones come with 5000mAh batteries. It turns out that the S23 Ultra consumes less power when the screen is on, and several applications are running in the background.

We should also mention that when phones consume less power, they generate less heat. Phones with these capabilities will therefore perform better and last longer.

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It is a shame that Samsung’s top-of-the-range model still supports a charging speed of 45W. At the same time, the highest wireless charge is only 15W. Obviously, Samsung falls behind its rivals, at least, in this sense.

But the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 200MP camera and a stylish look. So we have every reason to believe this is one of the best Android models on the market.

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