Tecno debuts its Chameleon Coloring Technology at MWC

Tecno Chameleon Coloring Technology

The premiere of Tecno’s new Chameleon Coloring Technology marks the company’s grand opening at Mobile World Congress. It can generate a broad range of color patterns at the press of a trigger. This tech can be added to the rear of a device like a mobile phone to give it more beauty. A grid of sub-micron prism material is used in the Chameleon Coloring Technology. It also uses a full-spectrum electrically-controller prism coloring technique. In addition, this tech shifts its direction when an electric field is applied. The material can scatter light in a variety of wavelengths by carefully regulating the orientation of the prism. It, therefore, creates an impression of a broad range of iridescent hues.

Tecno Chameleon Coloring Technology

To be explicit, the substance does not function as a monitor. It also does not emit any light. Instead, it disperses light from its surface, giving it color. The software of the device allows you to directly select from a total of 1600 various hues for the sub-micron prism arrangement. Or it may vary instantly depending on the battery level, music, or notifications. Users can do this up to 2 million times. This makes it quite durable even with multiple changes over the course of a day.

Tecno Chameleon Coloring Technology

Prototype design

The material has a 0.03-second hue shift time. It also uses very little energy; 100 changes throughout the course of a day use as much energy as viewing a 5-minute movie. The color-changing backs are nothing new for Tecno. The Tecno Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition was introduced by the company last year. Its back panel used polychromatic photoisomer tech and could change color when subjected to sunlight’s UV rays. Although the new Chameleon Coloring Technology hasn’t yet found a place in a planned device, it’s possible that the company will release a mobile phone with the tech sooner rather than later.

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About Tecno Chameleon Coloring Technology

Tecno Chameleon Coloring Technology is a mobile phone color technology developed by Tecno Mobile. It allows the phone to change color depending on the angle at which it is held or the amount of light that hits it, creating a chameleon-like effect. This tech uses a special coating on the phone’s surface that can reflect different colors. The color effect is achieved through a process called vacuum plating. This involves depositing a thin layer of metallic coating on the phone’s surface. This tech is used in select Tecno Mobile phone models to enhance their aesthetic appeal and provide a unique user experience.

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The process of creating the color effect involves the use of vacuum plating, which is a high-tech process that involves depositing a thin layer of metallic coating on the surface of the phone. The metallic coating is then coated with a layer of specialized paint that gives the phone its color-changing properties. When the phone is viewed from different angles or under varying light conditions, the metallic coating reflects different colors, giving the phone a chameleon-like appearance. This effect is achieved through the process of interference. This occurs when light waves reflect off the metallic coating at different angles, creating a shift in color.

Tecno Chameleon Coloring Technology

Tecno products with this tech

From what we know, Tecno has used this tech in a couple of models. Some of the models with this tech include Tecno Phantom 9, Tecno Phantom X, and Tecno Camon 17 Pro, among others. Given the advanced nature of the tech, it is likely that it was developed relatively recently, possibly within the last few years. Tecno Mobile is a relatively young mobile phone brand, having been founded in 2006. The company focuses on innovative techs to differentiate its products in a crowded and competitive market.

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