Store, Access & Share Your Data Anytime, Anywhere with hiDRIVE Portable SSD and App Integration


hiDRIVE is a great option for professionals, who in fact require large data storage in the digital age. Although it may seem larger than a typical USB drive, the hiDRIVE external SSD is significantly more powerful, boasting an impressive data transfer speed of up to 2500MB/s (or 2.5GB/s). This allows for lightning-fast data transfers, while exceeding expectations and enabling the transfer of massive amounts of data in no time. Despite its small size, the device offers storage capacities ranging from 1TB to 8TB, and it supports Thunderbolt 3. 

Ediloca has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the hiDRIVE External SSD on GadgetAny, which has already raised over USD 100K from 300 backers.

What Makes hiDRIVE A Must-have Device

hiDRIVE excels in many ways including speed, storage capacity, rugged build, and also portability. However, the feature that makes hiDRIVE a masterpiece is its in-built mobile app support as you can unlock the following benefits with it.

  • Multi-user management

This feature enables you to grant the password access to up to 10 users at a time. You can authorize users to access specific files and with specific permissions. Also, you can give read-only access to certain users if you want, so that they cannot modify the files and only review them.

  • Lock & unlock your drives

hiDRIVE is an app-driven encrypted NVMe SSD, which certainly provides next-gen security. In addition, the mobile app provides a complete drive and user management – you can lock and unlock your drives as well as choose who else can gain access and when.

  • Easy-to-use mobile app

hiDRIVE features a user-friendly mobile app, that allows users to conveniently manage their Portable SSD settings. The app features an appealing user interface and user experience. Additionally, it provides regular notifications of the latest firmware and software updates.

  • High-grade performance & protection

The device is powered with AES-256 encryption to add an extra layer of security to the user data. This password-enabled encryption can efficiently ward off all sorts of data-breaches and hackers.

  • Track your device with mobile app 

In case your hiDRIVE external SSD is lost somewhere, you don’t need to bother about it, as you can track your device using the mobile app.

Multiple Storage Options With Early Bird Rewards

Storage options  MSRP  Early Bird Price  % Off
1 TB $299 $140 53
2 TB $449 $170 62
4 TB $799 $280 64
8 TB $1399 $450  67

hiDRIVE : One Device For All Storage & Transfer Problems

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Custom-made For Professionals 

The unique feature of hiDRIVE, that certainly makes it highly sought after among professional photographers and videographers is its capability to record and backup data from the camera in real-time. This feature enables hiDRIVE to operate continuously, without rather wearing out quickly. With hiDRIVE, one can easily backup, restore, and transfer large amounts of 8K videos and footage without worrying about running out of space. Therefore, it is now possible to shoot anytime and anywhere without the need to purchase additional SD cards.

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Complete Autonomy Over Your Data With Ultimate Security

You can use the device to play games directly from the drive on advanced gaming consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Additionally, it is ideal for storing large quantities of high-resolution video files that you can subsequently edit on your laptop or desktop, in conjunction with your professional camera or drone. The device’s mobile app gives you greater control over your data by allowing you to encrypt it with AES-256 and then password-protect it directly from the app.

Rugged Build & Sleek Design

The hiDRIVE’s zinc-alloy build serves a dual purpose of providing durability and acting as a heat sink to help maintain the device’s coolness during use. This feature allows the hiDRIVE to operate effortlessly. The device’s ruggedness is further reinforced by its drop-proof and IP67 water-resistant design, making it an excellent option for outdoor use. Additionally, the hiDRIVE’s small size and universal compatibility make it ideal for use in all scenarios.


A Brief Insight Into hiDRIVE SSD Specs

  • 8 TB storage capacity

hiDRIVE’s massive 8 TB storage capacity is what makes it an excellent option for those, who further require vast data storage. Additionally, the device offers multiple storage options, allowing you to address all of your data storage needs.

  • 2500 mb/s Data transfer speed

The exceptional transfer speed of the hiDRIVE allows you to significantly reduce uploading time and enhance your gaming experience. Additionally, the device can transfer 4K videos in mere seconds.

  • Effective Heat Control 

The hiDRIVE comes with built-in heatsink features ,that significantly aids in maintaining its coolness and delivering a consistently high data transfer speed.

  • IP67 waterproof & dustproof

In addition to its IP67 rating for waterproofing and dustproofing, the hiDRIVE is also shockproof, ensuring the safety and integrity of your data even in extreme weather conditions.


Where to buy hiDRIVE

Currently, hiDRIVE is available for sale on GadgetAny and it has been able to raise a fund of more than US $100K, setting a solid cornerstone for the success of this crowdfunding project. Currently, the device is available for sale with a huge discount of up to 60% on MSRP. The 1 TB option is available at $140 with a 53% off on MSRP $299.

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