iPhone 15 side view leak – uses a black matte body

iPhone 15

An image of the rumoured iPhone 15 series’ side view was recently shared on Twitter by @lipilipsi. The image reveals the cutout of the side buttons and the device’s corresponding matte black colour. The opening of the side button fits the previously revealed render of the iPhone 15 Pro. However, this new image reveals the body design of this new series.

iPhone 15

We can not tell from the image whether this device is the iPhone 15 or the iPhone 15 Pro. However, from the surface of the body, it appears to be built of matte black or “midnight” aluminium alloy. This may be the case for the iPhone 15’s regular model while brushed titanium is anticipated for the iPhone 15 Pro. In addition, there are reports that only the “Pro” model from this year will have solid-state keys.

Because the two regular iPhones won’t have haptic input this year, we believe that this image should be the iPhone 15 standard model. Also, the opening on the side could be for a physical button. Apple will debut the new iPhone 15 series as usual in September of this year.

iPhone 15 series display

According to recent reports out of South Korea, BOE had trouble supplying OLED displays for Apple’s iPhone 15 series. All panel makers are presently performing verification tests at the moment. This report is coming from the supply chain. However, it is too early to tell which brands will fulfil Apple’s orders at the moment. The stock of screens for the iPhone 15 line this year should still include BOE.

iPhone 15

According to The Elec, BOE might not be able to mass-produce the initial run of OLED displays. Only Samsung and LG will be able to finish mass-producing OLED displays for the iPhone 15 series by June. It is important to note that DigiTimes has previously noted that BOE might not be able to deliver displays for the iPhone 15 series on time.

However, it is advisable to take this info with a grain of salt because reports of Apple’s supply for screens usually turn out to be false. Apple said it wants to diversify its vendors and prevent becoming overly dependent on just one. As a result, it is common for different suppliers to vie for market dominance. Since each brand is currently going through the verification process, it is impossible to estimate how much any brand has at the moment.

iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max will feature new solid-state buttons

There have been several reports that point to some design changes for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The audio control on the side of the device may now be a solid unified or single button. Apple usually uses two pins to link a single button to the frame. But in a new image based on a leaked iPhone 15 Pro CAD design, only two pins are shown where the volume buttons would ordinarily be. This was noticed on Twitter by YouTube vlogger ZoneOfTech. The iPhone 15 Standard Edition has two distinct ports with a total of four pins, according to CAD-based drawings.

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ZoneOfTech has been “100% sure” that the iPhone 15 Pro will have a long, unified volume control. This is in contrast to the two distinct keys on the iPhone 15 Pro prototype render. The mute control will also be changed with a single button rather than the current up and down option. There are also rumours that Apple will adopt solid-state buttons with haptic feedback for the power and volume controls. At the moment, it is looking like an all-in-one solid-state volume button that will detect a touch on the top (“up”) and the bottom (“down”) end. The tactile mute button will replace the classic switch.

How will the tactile buttons work

Particularly if they require direct tactile touch, it’s uncertain how the new tactile keys will function through the case. Where the iPhone might not function as anticipated, there needs to be a method that allows for device recovery. Although it requires extra circuitry inside the iPhone to support it, solid-state button tech does enhance dust and water protection because it does not require a physical pressing mechanism. It is different from the touch-and-press Home button that was first used on the iPhone 7.

According to rumours, Apple will include two more Taptic Engines in the iPhone 15 Pro variant to enable solid-state buttons. Presently, there is only one Taptic Engine for tactile input in the present iPhone models.


Old iPhones had different designs

A solitary exterior volume rocker, or a lengthy button with raised edges, was present on the first iPhone. The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS both use the same button arrangement. The long button on the iPhone 4 was changed to two round buttons, which on the iPhone 6 series ultimately became a longer, distinct pill-shaped button. The iPhone 14 line of phones continues to use the pill-shaped version.

According to an insider cited by 9to5Mac, the iPhone 15 Pro versions will have unified audio controls and a silence button that is more like a press than a paragraph switch. The move from the Lightning connection to USB-C, which would signal a break from Apple’s proprietary connector that has been used on iPhones and the majority of Apple products since 2012, is reportedly the most significant change in this year’s iPhones.

The iPhone 15 series phones will have a new look with smaller display bezels, a bigger camera bump, and subtly curved sides. For the new versions, Apple will use the same four sizes as the existing iPhone 14 series. The gap will be replaced by the Smart Island on the iPhone 15 and Plus models, though.

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  1. March 8, 2023

    so basically a larger iphone 4… I can’t remember last time I thought : Woooo, this apple design is really cool.

    Since 15 years, they are switching from shiny to mat frame. Who cares? We almost all have phone protections. Why people continue to buy these overpriced products? If not to buy themselves a slice of a social class they dream to be a part of. I don’t envy them.