ChatGPT set to dominate the world! Slack will also integrate it

ChatGPT OpenAI Slack

It seems that OpenAI is set to dominate the world with ChatGPT. Okay, that may be just an exaggeration on my part, but we can’t deny how the company’s AI-driven chatbot is quite a phenomenon. It exploded all of sudden with its AI chatbot, and conquered millions of users across the world. OpenAI revolutionized the way we look for information on the web. Rather than having to check webpages through the conventional search engine, the chatbot gets most of the info needed straight from its chatbox. Thanks to this revolution, OpenAI conquered a set of partners in the big tech segment, which include Microsoft, and apparently, Salesforce.

Meets EinsteinGPT, Slack’s take on ChatGPT

Microsoft is an undeniable key partner for OpenAI. The giant invested about $10 billion to help OpenAI to improve ChatGPT. In exchange, it can easily integrate the company’s expertise to make Bing better. The result is a new Bing chatbot driven by ChatGPT’s tech and that is in beta testing. Google is running to ensure its competitor – Bard – gets ready in time. Otherwise, ChatGPT can easily ruin the company’s plans and business model. As per a new report, it seems that ChatGPT will soon get one more adopter – Slack.

Salesforce Inc., to those unaware, is behind Slack. It’s a powerful app/platform used by several work teams, students, etc. Now, it seems that Slack with getting smarter with the inclusion of OpenAI’s expertise. The company announced on Tuesday it’s working with OpenAI. The goal is to bring the chatbot to Slack. Moreover, the partnership will extend to bring more AI to its business software. Salesforce says it will introduce a new tech dubbed EinsteinGPT. It will combine its AI with that of outside partners, including OpenAI. This will help to generate email drafts, customer-account info, and computer code. ChatGPT will also enter Slack to help users summarize conversation threads. They will also be able to handle other queries.

Slack vs Team – which one will have the better AI?

Obviously, Slack is the latest platform to join the AI trend. There is quite a race going on in the tech segment to implement AI. With the rise of ChatGPT, everyone is really convinced that AI is the next big thing. – Much to Mark Zuckerberg’s displeasure with its metaverse (cough, cough).

Right now, OpenAI tech proves to be really interesting. It can create text, images, and other content based on inputs from past data. There are still some shortcomings, but you must note that everything is in beta testing. Also, in its current state, ChatGPT works pretty fine and delivers. One of its downsides is the limitations set by its 2021-based data. But that may change soon with more investment.

ChatGPT and Slack


Worth noting that Slack is just another app in this area to get “GPT smartness”. Remember Microsoft? The giant that invested billions in OpenAI? In addition to Bing, and Edge, the company is also adding ChatGPT to its Product Teams. Moreover, it plans to include suggestions on email replies to vendors through its Viva Sales subscription. Teams compete with Slack, and that is amazing. Microsoft’s investment is not preventing OpenAI to work with other companies. For sure, MS may get some advantages, but the deal will not prevent ChatGPT from working with a direct competitor.

Slack’s EinsteinGPT will still have unique traits

Salesforce states that the integration is a direct response to recent demands. Right now, businesses are in a row for the implementation of this trending new tech. As per Clara Shih, a general manager at SalesForce, the company’s proprietary data, and AI models will help to differentiate the offering. That means that while it will implement OpenAI’s tech, the so-called EinsteinGPT can bring some unique traits to make it more interesting. In the end, the consumers are the ones to benefit.
As soon as Slack gets the new AI features, we will be updating you with more details. Worth noting that Slack has paid and free business models. We are curious to see if the free plan will get these new AI features.
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