Intel Takes Back Cinebench World Record With 56-Core Sapphire Rapids Xeon-W

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Ever since 2019, Intel has been facing fierce competition from team red. The Zen 2 architecture made AMD get the leading spot on benchmarks. In fact, if you compare the Ryzen 9 3950X with the Core i9-9900K, you will see a massive difference. And the Core i9-9900K was one of the most high-end chips from team blue.

The story was the same for the workstation lineup, and soon after, the Epyc Rome server CPUs started to take away Intel Xeon’s lead in the market. To be exact, Intel has been struggling to fight AMD for the past four years. But this time, with the 56-core Xeon W9-3495X, team blue is back in business.

Intel Reclaims Cinebench Lead With Xeon W9-3495X

The Saphire Rapids, the current high-end chip from Intel, utilizes a 10nm process and has 56 cores. All these cores are P-cores, meaning they use the Golden Cove architecture in the 12th Gen CPUs. Extreme overclockers Team Safedisk and OGS used liquid nitrogen and other overclocking techniques to max out all these cores.

Previously, Safedisk gave the 64-core Threadripper Pro 5995WX the world record by pushing it to 5.4 GHz. And on February 22, Safedisk broke that record with the Intel W9-3495X clocked at 5.2 GHz. And now, Team OGS pushed the limits of the Xeon and made it achieve 5.4 GHz clock speed, eventually awarding it a new world record.

Intel Xeon W9-3495X World Record

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For team blue, this overclocking result shows all the potential in its chipset. However, it does not necessarily mean that Intel will return to a dominating position in the market. For example, all the Sapphire Rapids CPUs, including the W9-3495X, draw much power even when not maxed out.

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Intel Xeon W9-3495X World Record Cinebench

And AMD is yet to release the Threadripper CPUs with Zen 4 architecture, which is expected to have up to 96 cores. So, it would be safe to say that Intel’s record might not stay on the top for long.

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