PS5 Slim will be a major disappointment – here is why

Sony PlayStation fans are certainly waiting for some big news in the coming months. Since the end of the last year, we’ve been seeing a wave of rumors pointing to a new hardware revision for the PS5. The console was launched in late 2019 and will make its third anniversary in November this year. It launched amidst a chaotic situation, and the past two years have been tough for those who wanted to grab a unit of the console. Now, the situation is better, and it’s not that hard to find the stock. Although the console still feels fresh, it seems that Sony is ready for a new hardware revision. There are rumors about a PS5 Pro making rounds across the web, but it seems that we’re about to see the PS5 Slim later this year.

Forget PS5 Pro, the new PS5 revision or Gen 2 is more likely a PS5 Slim

Some PlayStation fans are waiting for the launch of a PS5 Pro with a new custom AMD CPU to improve the experience. The PS5 is strong, but some enthusiasts want to see something capable of handling 4K@60fps with ray-tracing enabled. We don’t know if that is possible if Sony wants to keep the price competitive. Despite these rumors, the actual truth is that Sony will more likely launch a new console without any kind of performance upgrade. In the past few rumors, we have been hearing about a sort of PS5 Gen 2 with a detachable disc driver. There is a strong chance that this console will be called PS5 Slim.

The reputed Tom Henderson came with more details about the so-called PS5 Gen 2. The new console with modular design is set to replace the current PS5 Disc and Digital Editions. The console may bring a slimmer profile thanks to the modular disc driver. It could pretty much be the PS5 Slim. While the PS5 Pro is a mystery, we have 99% sure that Sony will launch a PS5 Slim. After all, this model exists since the days of the PSX. The PS5 can easily dominate your living room with its massive design. More than any other PlayStation console, the PS5 really needs a slim version.

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Tom Henderson’s latest news about this alleged PS5 Slim may hurt the community. According to him, it does not seem like there are major hardware changes from the original console. With this in mind, we can assume that this clearly is not a PS5 Pro. The second bit is even more hurtful for those that were expecting good things from Sony’s detachable disc driver. According to him, the disc driver of the new PS5 Slim will not be compatible with the current digital version.

The new PS5 Slim could arrive in both digital and disc driver editions. This will ease things for Sony and may allow consumers to save with the digital edition, to upgrade it with a modular disc driver once they have the money for it. However, this is an advantage that won’t reach the current PS5 owners. According to Henderson, all the PS5 Digital Edition owners will still be stuck to digital media. This may not sound like a bomb to some. After all, they knew what they were up to when grabbing the digital-only model. The modular disc driver was more a surprise, than a promise.

The disc driver won’t be compatible with existing Digital models

Honestly, I don’t believe in conspiracy theories and this probably is just an incompatibility between the old hardware and the new one. Honestly, Sony could make a lot of money by selling a modular disc driver for existing PS5 Digital Edition owners. The giant would not miss the opportunity. If it’s not coming, then it is probably because it is not possible.


As per the tipster, the PS5 Slim or PS5 Gen 2 will enter manufacturing in April. As a result, it may be ready for sale in September. If it’s really a PS5 Slim we expect Sony to make an announcement in the next few months. Ok, even if it’s just a “Gen 2” we also expect Sony to make an announcement. The detachable disc driver is a big enough upgrade that will make a buzz once announced.

The PS5 Slim may turn down to be a disappointment for those who expected new hardware. It will also be a disappointment for those who had hopes that this hardware revision would bring the detachable disc driver to digital models. Anyway, there is a good portion of people that will be happy with this announcement. There are a lot of players across the world waiting for this first significant revision to make their choice for a PS5. Despite the ongoing PS6 rumors, we believe that this PS5 Slim will keep pushing the PS5 sales forward.

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