PS5 Software Update: Sony Silently Copies a Feature from Xbox

When it comes to the battle for the supremacy of gaming consoles, the main fight is stuck between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Even though the PlayStation leads in popularity, the Xbox fans also have some features they can brag about. Both consoles come with 8-core AMD CPUs, but the Xbox edges the PS5 a bit in clock speed. The Xbox Series X runs at a clock speed of 3.8Ghz while the PS5 runs at 3.5GHz.

There are other few hardware differences, but this article is not really about making comparisons. It is about a new feature in the PS5 that was copied from the Xbox. This feature was an exclusive feature in the Xbox until recent PS5 update.

PS5 Update Copies Xbox Feature PS5 Update

This was brought to light by a Twitter user with the name Wario64. According to him the recent software update for the PS5 has quietly added a new functionality that has to do with game disc. This new feature allows you to play digital games with the data installed from a disc. Let me explain, if you first installed the game using a disc, and later purchased the digital version online, you can still play the game with the game data that was installed using the disc. You don’t have to download the whole game files again.

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This may look like a very little feature, but it is very useful. Especially when you already have the files, but you still need to redownload them all over again because the disc version is not compatible with the digital version. With this feature, you can also take a disc from your friend and install the game files before making purchase of the digital version online. This should save you a lot of time and internet data bundle.

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PS5 Fans are Excited About the New Update PS5 Update

This new update came as an exciting news for a lot of PS5 fans as they took to social media to express themselves. “That’s a huge quality-of-life change that I loved on Xbox,” one user writes. “Very glad to see it make the jump. The few times I ran into the issue, it was a bit annoying. Having to redownload everything on a slower connection,” another user added. One user was also surprised that Sony kept quiet about this. He said, “Wow that’s an awesome change they kept quiet”.

As stated earlier, this feature came as a software update on the PS5. Which means, PS4 users may still have to do things the old way, at least for the time being.

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