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ChatGPT is the subject of everyone’s talk, with more than 100 million people trying it out since its launch. The conversational artificial intelligence bot has become an essential tool for many, from web search to essay writing. However, while the capabilities of ChatGPT are impressive, its interface often sticks to the basics. That’s where third-party browser extensions come in. They can help you get easier access to ChatGPT from other websites, add missing features such as a chat exporter, and suggest better prompts for getting better answers out of the AI bot.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular third-party browser extensions for ChatGPT, and how they can improve your experience.

The best ChatGPT extensions

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Merlin is a browser extension that puts ChatGPT right at your fingertips. With a simple keyboard shortcut, you can activate the extension and tell Merlin what you want ChatGPT to do, whether it’s summarizing a long block of text, composing a reply to a social media post, or writing an essay.

Merlin is a convenient tool to use, as the chatbot is right inside your browser. However, there is a limit of 31 requests per day. So, if you need to use ChatGPT more often, you may want to consider using other extensions.

ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google is a browser extension that shows results from the chatbot alongside the standard results from Google whenever you run a search. This extension is useful when you want to get a quick answer from ChatGPT while browsing the web.

To use ChatGPT for Google, you need to sign in to your ChatGPT account in your browser. The ChatGPT box is neatly integrated alongside the standard Google search results, and you can launch a separate ChatGPT conversation right from it. You can also have the add-on run manually rather than automatically if you don’t want it on every search.

Enhanced ChatGPT

Enhanced ChatGPT is an extension that adds some handy new features to the basic ChatGPT interface. The extension includes an option to export your chats in Markdown format and a selection of tools to help you with your prompts. These prompt tools include triggers for finding images on the web, getting travel advice, generating translations, and programming in JavaScript.

Enhanced ChatGPT is easy to set up, and the new features are immediately available once you’ve installed the extension. You can find the new Export Chat option in the lower left corner when you’ve set up the add-on. Having a copy of your chats can be helpful when you need to refer to them later.


If you’re planning to do any writing using ChatGPT on the web, from emails to social media posts, then WritingMate can help. This extension is designed to improve your writing experience by providing helpful prompts and suggestions for improving your writing.

WritingMate is easy to use, and you can launch it via a simple keyboard shortcut or use the floating icon that appears on the right of the browser window. You’re able to use ChatGPT in any way you like, right on the web pages you’re looking at. The extension also includes some helpful prompts that can help you refine your responses quickly.

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WebChatGPT is a tool that addresses the limitations of ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is an incredible technology, it has its shortcomings as it lacks access to the most recent information and cannot browse the web. However, with WebChatGPT, which is available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, traditional web search results are incorporated alongside AI responses in the ChatGPT interface. This integration aims to provide you with a more coherent and valuable response. The effectiveness of this approach varies depending on the query. For instance, prompts such as “Who is the President?” and “give me the latest game results” demonstrate the difference that the extension can make to ChatGPT.


Promptheus is a tool that allows you to communicate with ChatGPT using your voice. For individuals who find typing challenging, Promptheus presents an opportunity to engage with AI in a more natural way.

Using Promptheus is simple. You can access it from within the ChatGPT interface and activate it by pressing and holding the space bar when ready to speak. Additionally, there are several extension settings that you can experiment with, such as the option to automatically send prompts once you’ve finished speaking.

Moreover, Promptheus also provides you with convenient access to ChatGPT from any webpage. By clicking on the add-on icon located in your browser toolbar, you can begin interacting with the AI bot. This feature is an added benefit to using the Promptheus extension.

ChatGPT Export and Share

The lack of an export feature in ChatGPT is a significant drawback, as it limits users from copying and pasting content into other locations.

Fortunately, ChatGPT Export and Share is a solution to this problem, which is compatible with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Although it requires a bit more setup time within your browser, the end results make it worthwhile.

Once you have installed the extension, you will notice new export buttons located beneath the prompt box. These buttons allow you to save your chats as images and PDFs, as well as generate shareable links. With this extension, you can easily export and share ChatGPT content, making it a valuable tool.


ChatGPT has become an essential tool for many people, but its interface often sticks to the basics. However, third-party browser extensions can help you get better access to ChatGPT, add missing features, and suggest better prompts for getting better answers out of the AI bot.

Merlin, ChatGPT for Google, Enhanced ChatGPT, WritingMate and the rest are just a few of the many browser extensions available for ChatGPT. Each extension has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s worth exploring all of them

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