Introducing DALL-E: Microsoft adds AI image generator to Bing and Edge


OpenAI is set to the world on a storm with ChatGPT. The chatbot attracted the spotlight to the rising AI tech. The technology behind ChatGPT can give contextual responses to your queries in a faster way. It’s much better and simple to use ChatGPT to get info for certain research, than going for traditional search engines. OpenAI’s tech can also generate images from text inputs, and even create full 3D environments with simple text instructions. This promising tech raised alarms among the big techs, and most of them are diving into this new segment. Microsoft was fast to get some of GPT’s expertise by investing $10 billion in OpenAI. As result, the company is now implementing OpenAI’s tech in all of its services. Today, Microsoft is adding the image generator DALL-E to Bing and Edge.

DALL-E image generator now available for Microsoft Bing and Edge

Microsoft promised to integrate ChatGPT in all of its products. Apparently, this goes beyond simply adding the chatbot, after all, it’s already available on Bing and Edge. Now, the giant is adding DALL-E to the two products. To those unaware, OpenAI’s DALL-E can produce detailed images based on simple text instructions. There is now a Bing Image Creator preview on both Bing Search and in the sidebar of the Edge browser. Now, you just need to ask the chatbot to create an image with either a direct description or a follow-up to a previous query. This feature is simply awesome. You can create images out of your mind, and use them to put on boards in your living room. Similarly, let’s say you’re creating a story and want to expose the character you’ve imagined. These are two simple scenarios, the possibilities are huge.


Worth noting that Microsoft will be applying some extra protections beyond OpenAI’s own. The goal is to block people from creating “harmful” images. The firm also states that images are AI-generated, including through watermarks. The DALL-E Image Creator is available to a few Bing desktop and mobile users in preview mode. Edge users will access it as long as they’re part of the test group. Of course, you will need to toggle the Creative mode to give the generator a try.

The firm plans to bring the creative tool to Balanced and Precise mode users in the future. It will also enhance it over time to improve the results. Worth noting that the tech only supports English. But just like ChatGPT, we expect other languages to be added over time. Microsoft is really committed to revolutionizing its products through the use of AI. In fact, this seems to be the biggest revolution for the company’s products. After stagnant years, Bing finally can reduce the edge between itself and Google. Of course, the search giant does not want to miss the AI race and is trying to make Bard a relevant competitor in this regard.

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