Steam Deck 2? Here is the truth behind it

Steam Deck

In the past few days, we’ve been hearing some rumors about a possible Steam Deck 2. This scared some owners of the Steam Deck, after all, it’s almost like the device has just arrived to regular consumers. Right now, it’s much easier to get the console than after its announcement. For that reason, it still sounds like something fresh. However, the truth is that the Steam Deck was announced on July 15th, 2021. So it will make its second anniversary since the announcement. Is it the right time for a sequel? Apparently, not. Valve has cleared things pointing out that a new console is not coming anytime soon.

Steam Deck 2, Steam Deck OLED? It’s not coming anytime soon

Worth noting, that not everyone was waiting for a Steam Deck 2. Although this was saw in some rumors, most of the users agree that this is not the right time for a sequel. However, rumors have been spreading about a possible Steam Deck OLED model. With the popularization of OLED displays, it’s natural for users to expect an upgraded model with this display tech. OLED offers better contrast, and vivid colors, and is more energy-efficient than LCD screens. When you see a black color, the pixel is actually turned off. It’s still more expensive than LCDs, but they are much cheaper than they used to be now. Still, it seems that a Steam Deck OLED model is not in the pipeline.

As per Valve Engineer Pierre-Loup Griffais, making a Steam Deck OLED model is not so simple. The things are not simple like just replacing the display, it seems. As per the engineer, every single component in the Steam Deck is connected to each other. So replacing the screen would be tricky. As per him, this involves a bigger amount of work than people are assuming. Building an OLED model is not like simply changing the display technology, the whole device will need some changes.

Steam Deck

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“It’s just something you have to plan ahead. When we were working on this screen, we made sure these could be supported, even if the refresh rate switching wasn’t ready at release. It was really important to us that all that would be supported. So it’s something that you need to keep in mind when you’re evaluating and selecting possible options. It’s about how you’re designing the whole system and what’s in between the screen and the SOC (system-on-a-chip).”

Valve will wait for a significant hardware upgrade before launching a new model

Nintendo surprised us with the release of a Nintendo Switch OLED. It was not the Pro model that everyone has been waiting for. However, the display was a good enough upgrade to justify its existence. Similarly, people have been expecting an incremental upgrade for the Steam Deck that could bring this new display tech. Apparently, you will have to wait for such an upgrade.

It seems that Valve will not opt for a half-generation upgrade. Instead, it will wait for something powerful enough to justify a new Steam Deck. That means that we should not be seeing a Steam Deck OLED or a Steam Deck Pro anytime soon. Once more powerful hardware emerges and fits all the needs of this handheld console, then we may see the Steam Deck 2. However, again, this may still be some years ahead. Right now, users can enjoy the current model regardless of its LCD display.

Steam Deck 2

Valve already proved that despite the hardware limitation, it can do wonders with the software. Recently, Doom Eternal got ray tracing enabled. This was not a trivial thing, after all, the Steam Deck does not have the hardware of current generation consoles. Still, Valve managed to bring an effect that even today makes the PS5 and Xbox Series X tremble.

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