Top 5 mobile phones with stunning colour schemes

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Since the advent of mobile phones, the design of the exterior has taken on a rather stereotypical trend. This makes it hard for people to select a mobile phone based just on the design. Mobile phone makers continue to push the limits of mobile phone design despite the limited room for progress. They have also been working hard to launch eye-catching mobile phones. In the past few years, mobile phone brands have brought up many ways to improve the appearance of their devices. We have seen several features like true full screen, pop-up camera, co-branding and others. Yet, some mobile phone makers have only succeeded in producing novel outcomes by putting a lot of effort into colour matching.

Let’s now evaluate those models with gorgeous colour schemes!

1. Realme GT2 Master Edition – Wilderness Colour

Because of its deep and fair setup, fiercely competitive price, and always-online look, the Realme phones are the “bad boys” of the Chinese mobile phone industry.¬†Realme offers a number of models that are reasonably priced. But even if it is a model that costs less than $100, Realme¬†does not skip on the phone’s appearance.

Realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition design

Realme launched two mobile phones in 2019, the Realme X Master Edition and the Realme X2 Pro Master Edition. Both phones come with distinctive colour schemes like cement, red brick, white garlic, and onion. The company eventually released the Realme GT Master Edition and Realme GT2 Master Edition. These mobile phones also come in unique colours as the other Master Editions.

The Realme GT2 Master Edition has a unique “wilderness colour” option. This colour is more like a desert sand colour and it is not common.¬†The hard case served as inspiration for the colour palette, which was created by the Realme design team in association with the highly esteemed fashion designer, Jae Jung.¬† When people see this colour combination, the Realme GT2 Master Edition’s design evokes the beauty of travel.

Realme GT2 Master Edition’s central frame is made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy. Also, an exceptional grip is provided by the meticulously polished 46¬į micro-arc C angle, fine-touch metal sanding, thin and light body, and process.

2. Nothing Phone (1) – transparent colour

The Nothing Phone, the first mobile phone produced by Pei Yu’s Nothing was formally launched in July 2022.¬† Nothing Phone (1)’s outside design is its main selling point.¬† This phone’s clear glass back shell has an LED light strip installed in it. A portion of the phone’s internal structure is visible to users from the back. There are two versions of black and white available.

Nothing Phone (1)

Also, this phone contains a lot of LED lights, which you can use with Nothing OS to create a lot of gameplay. Nothing Phone (1) has a full-screen design for the front of the fuselage, and the screen hole is in the upper left corner. Nothing Phone (1) is not the first phone to use a transparent body.  Mobile phones with transparent glass back covers have previously been introduced by local phone makers, but they did not make a big sensation. But, since it was made available in numerous regions, people have been vying for the Nothing Phone (1).

This device is quite popular because of its design.¬†Within a few days of its release in the UK, the device¬†had more than 200,000 orders. Also,¬†within a few hours of its premiere in India, it was sold out. Objectively speaking, Nothing Phone (1)’s configuration competitiveness isn’t all that strong. Although there are more affordable options in China that are more competitive, buyers outside of China may prefer this phone. It’s largely due to the superb translucent body design.

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3. Vivo S16 series – Light Mint Green

“Light Mint Green” may not actually be a colour but it is the best way to describe the unique colour that the Vivo S16 brings.¬†Everyone can see Vivo’s aesthetic. However, the Vivo S16 series’ light mint green colour matching renews the company’s desire.

Vivo S16

Vivo created the first “jade glass tech” in the industry, which achieved a coating thickness twice that of the standard glass tech. The back of the phone has a natural jade quality visually and feels warm and soothing to the touch, thanks to the “smoky sapphire jade pattern” invented by Vivo.

Also, the company uses the photochromic tech in the new colour scheme of the Vivo S16 series. Before the discolouration, the colour is bright, clear green. The colour transition is natural, it is clear and the beauty is clear. However, it grades into a thick, ink-coloured colour that resembles distant green hills and daisies.

4. Xiaomi Civi

In terms of design, Xiaomi¬†still falls short of OPPO and Vivo. Yet, in recent years, the company has been doing much better.¬† The Mi Civi, which was unveiled in 2021, has radically altered many public views of the “too straight” style of Xiaomi mobile phones. Xiaomi has recently launched the Mi 11, Mi 12, Mi Civi, and Mi Civi 2.

Xiaomi Civi mobile phone

Xiaomi launched its fresh Civi series in September 2021 in an effort to appeal to young people. Female users are the main target for this line of phones, with a focus on selfies and thin, lightweight.¬† The Xiaomi Civi is the company’s first phone to use the velvet AG appearance design tech. While still keeping the skin-friendly and smooth feel of the AG process, the velvet AG process can produce a shiny visual impression in comparison to the standard AG process.

Xiaomi¬†Civi’s glass back cover has 12 million hexahedral crystal microstructures that are more numerous and have a higher average height, resembling crystal caves. Also, Xiaomi polished the crystal once again using physical and chemical techniques to make it more silky and smooth and ensure that it wouldn’t collect fingerprints in the process. This further improves the feel of this device. The three colours of the device are light pink,¬†light blue, and shining black.

5. Honor 80

In the mobile phone community, the Honor digital series has long been renowned for its good aesthetics. The new Honor 80 series has raised the bar for beauty. In particular, the blue tint integrates both beauty and a distinctive design.

Honor 80 mobile phone

The new colour scheme for the Honor 80 series, Bibo Micro Blue, uses the leading “3D Composite Fine Engraving Process,” which enables the finely engraved lines and the textured film to complement one another and create an effect similar to the fusion of lines, light, and shadow, with a very high-end texture. The blue colour palette of the Honor 80 series combines both traditional aesthetics and trends as well as the digital series’ well-known light and shadow idea. The aesthetic is absolutely amazing, including an original wave texture and an updated infinite dual-mirror design.


These five mobile phones are those we believe come with some sort of unique colour. Whether it’s their colour or design, their appearance is not common at all. Is there any device that you think should make the list? Please add it in the comment section below

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