First ChatGPT-written App Hits the App Store – Should Developers Be Scared?


We all know how capable ChatGPT actually is. And with the introduction of GPT 4, its capabilities have just ten-folded. So, it goes without saying that the AI model is now more capable than ever. Well, one prime example of its capabilities has just been showcased.

Yes, you read the title right; ChatGPT did the unthinkable. It generated an iPhone app that goes by the name 5 Movies. And the most interesting part is that it has been approved by Apple and has been made available in App Store.

ChatGPT Initiates A New Chapter of AI Future

Morten Just, who is an independent developer of Mac apps, guided ChatGPT through the app development process. With his guidance, the AI model successfully devised a movie-recommendation app that just works. Here, the most important part is that the developer did not even need to put too much effort into the process.

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According to Morten Just, the AI just needed the requirements. That is, Morten had just told the ChatGPT what he wanted. With simple prompts, Morten was able to come up with a code that required an estimate of 2% to 5% of manual coding. In fact, according to the developer, the AI was even able to fix bugs after Morten pasted the error messages into the prompt box.

5 Movies

That said, Morten Just is not seeing this as a threat. Instead, he believes that with AI, he will be able to do things faster than before. And what really matters to him is that ChatGPT was able to help him create useful software that can solve a real problem.

In addition to that, Morten does not think that this is a big deal. Yes, it is the first time ChatGPT generated an app that passed the Apple App Store’s criteria. However, Morten does not think it should scare off developers.

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