Want a Give a Call to the Moon? Nokia Will Make Sure You Have a Signal!

Nokia Moon 4G

These days, brands are more focused on making you point your camera to the heavens and click some “totally natural” shots of the moon. But have you ever wondered what life is up there? Did you? Maybe, you might have even considered giving a call and checking things up. Well, Nokia plans to make sure that you get a signal!

During the Mobile World Congress event in March, Nokia’s principal engineer told reporters that the company plans to launch something big. And by big, Luis Maestro Ruiz De Temino referred to a whole 4G network that is about to settle on the surface of the moon.

Nokia 4G Network Technology Makes a Big Leap

According to the report from CNBC, Nokia plans to make its 4G network hop aboard a SpaceX rocket and make its way to the Shackleton crater. Once it lands there, it will make a permanent home on the southern limb of the moon. But how capable with this network be?

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Nokia has basically come up with an antenna-equipped based station. It comes with integrated EPC functionalities. And it will be housed in a Nova-C lunar lander. Wondering where it will get power? Well, it will rely on a solar-powered rover to get all the power required to stay operational.

Moon Nasa

The base station and the rover will communicate over LTE and let the astronauts there send quick messages back to Earth. For example, the Nokia 4G network tech could allow the astronauts to stream real-time video back to the mission control. Alongside that, they can even make quickly catch up with their friends and family.

Nokia says that the equipment is fully capable of handling the environmental stress of space. It comes with customized construction, enabling it to handle shock, acceleration, and vibration exceptionally well. So, the 4G network signal might stay highly stable on the moon.

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