Huawei P60 and P60 Pro Break Barries With 5G Connectivity Despite US Sanctions

Huawei P60 Pro 5G

If you have been catching up with the recent launches of Huawei, you might know that the P60 series comes with 4G connectivity. And even though the phones are great, not having 5G network access could be a deal breaker for many. Well, to ensure that Huawei P60 phones are in-line with other flagships, the Chinese manufacturer developed an innovative solution to curb the US sanctions.

Like the Huawei P50 series, the Huawei P60 lineup now has cases available to offer proper 5G connectivity on the flagships. And like the cases of the P50 lineup, the new cases are made by the Chinese manufacturer, Soyealink. Truth be told, they are probably the most innovative and high-tech phone cases out there.

Huawei P60 Series Receives 5G Connectivity With a New Case

The latest 5G Case for the Huawei P60 lineup has a PU material construction and comes in a gray metal color. Here, the choice of material makes sure that the case is long-lasting and reliable at the same time. So, you will not need to worry about swapping cases for proper 5G connectivity that frequently.

Soyealink 5G Case for P60 Series
Image source: Soyealink

Other than that, the new Huawei P60 series case can offer dual mode 5G SA and NSA frequency bands. Those are more than enough for strong connectivity and allow you to get superb 5G speeds. And when you get the case installed, it will bring a new on-screen 5G management tool to your phone.

Integrated 5G management tool for Huawei P60 Series
Integrated 5G management tool

That tool will let you manage, switch, and check all the 5G networks available in your area. As a result, you will be pretty much guaranteed to get a great overall 5G experience.

But how does the case actually work? In short, it works with eSIM. That simplifies the entire process and makes getting quicker access to 5G networks easier. You just need to install the case on the back of your Huawei P60 device, and the phone will automatically run a setup wizard. There, you will find all the instructions you will need to get started.

Huawei Soyealink 5G case fast charging support
Fast Charging Support

On that note, the 5G case for the Huawei P60 series comes with a built-in charging port. And the good news is that the charging port has support for the latest 88W super-fast charging, which is available for both the P60 and P60 Pro.

Specifications of the Soyealink P60 Series 5G Cases

As hinted earlier, the 5G cases for the P60 series have great build quality. They are thin and lightweight, but at the same time, they have a robust construction and are highly durable. If you want to talk about measurements, the cases are 167.5 mm in height, 13.8 mm in depth, and 77.8 mm in width. On the other hand, the cases weigh just 53.5 grams. So you will not need to worry about them putting too much weight on your phone.

Top and bottom of Soyealink 5G case
Image source: Soyealink

Other than that, the 5G case of the Huawei P60 series features a dual-core chipset inside. It is clocked at 1.35 GHz and has support for 3GPP R15. Among all the network supports, you have NSA + SA and 5G-Sub 6. Meanwhile, the case has support for these frequency bands:

  • NSA: B3+N41, B3+N78, B3+N79, B1+N78, B1+N41, B39+N41, B39+N79, B41+N79, B5+N78, B8+N78
  • SA: N1, N3, N28, N41, N77, N78, N79
Soyealink 5G case dimensions
Image source: Soyealink

The USB port on the bottom can enable 2.0 OTG connections, which will let you connect to a PC for data transfers. At the same time, the USB-C interface has the ability to let the phone at the full 88W fast charging speed. Therefore, you will not feel the need to take the case out of the Huawei P60 device for any reason.

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