ChatGPT offers huge rewards to find bugs – up to $20,000 per find

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Recently, ChatGPT from OpenAI has gained appeal in all parts of the world. However, there has been a flaw that allows the chat history between users and ChatGPT to leak. This is a crucial caution for the vast majority of users. At the moment, OpenAI has made a press release about a new award programme, and the firm says it hopes security researchers, ethical hackers, and others interested in tech from all over the world to assist them in finding and fixing flaws in their systems. OpenAI states that the safety of their systems and users will directly depend on their knowledge and awareness.


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ChatGPT bug reward could reach $20,000

According to the press release, OpenAI will offer cash awards based on the importance and severity of the issue spotted. The company claims that it will appreciate the work of those who will be searching for issues with the system. Rewards for modest issues that people will find will have a $200 cash reward. However, if the find is a major one, the cash reward could be as high as $20,000. The submission and reward process will be handled through a deal between OpenAI and the bug bounty platform Bugcrowd. This will make sure that everyone can get access to the program easily. You may find rules and guidance on how to take part on the Bug Bounty Programme page.

The goal of OpenAI is to develop AI systems for the benefit of everyone. The company has made major investments in research and engineering to guarantee the security and dependability of AI systems.

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Over the past few months, there have been a lot of talks about the new chatbot, ChatGPT. In many cases, the reports on OpenAI’s ChatGPT are usually positive. This tool has passed a majority of the tests that it has been subjected to. However, when tech is all positive, then it is a cause for concern. OpenAI is taking no chances and it is already checking for bugs to keep the system safe.

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