WhatsApp Update: With These New Features, No One Can Ever Hack Your Account

WhatsApp Security Feature

WhatsApp has just announced new security features that will be of great essence to us all. These new features will provide you with extra privacy and security. Currently, the company is working on three features, which are all focused on security and privacy. These features include Account Protect, Device Verification and Automatic Security Codes. With these, users’ accounts will be free from unauthorize access. You will also stay safe against mobile device malware.

WhatsApp Account Security Features WhatsApp Security Feature

WhatsApp announced this feature in a blog post. It said that the new features will enhance the safety and privacy of users’ WhatsApp accounts. In the article, WhatsApp also highlighted the need to activate two-factor authentication. The company also encourages all users to turn on end-to-end encryption for backups.

WhatsApp Account Protect Feature WhatsApp Security Feature

The Account protect feature also helps protect your account. It works by preventing any unauthorized attempts to move your WhatsApp chats to another device. There is no denying that this feature gives you extra control over your WhatsApp. It works by requiring a verification from your old device before your chats can be transferred.

WhatsApp Device Verification Feature

There is a very common mobile device malware. It can take over user’s WhatsApp account and send unwanted messages to contacts. This new feature will add checks that will help authenticate user’s account. The new check will protect any user whose device is compromised.

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WhatsApp Automatic Security Codes Feature

This feature is here to make the security verification process a lot easier and open more access for all users. WhatsApp has named this process “Key Transparency”. This allows users to verify their secured connection automatically when clicking on the encryption tab. It gives the end user assurance that their chats are truly end-to-end encrypted.

A lot of WhatsApp users have faced different security-related issues. The most common among them is when a malware takes over your account. When this happens, getting your account back gets almost impossible. This is because the malware puts a two-factor authentication code on the account. Hence you will need to input the code before entering your own WhatsApp account.

Many users around the world have reported similar issues to WhatsApp. There is no denying that fighting such malware was really tough for WhatsApp. After years of working, the company has finally come out with a solution. Such issue will now be a thing of the past. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to activate two-factor authentication on your account. This helps keep such malware out of your WhatsApp account all the time.

Also, make sure you activate the fingerprint lock or FaceID lock on your WhatsApp account. This helps check individuals from getting into your WhatsApp account. When a third-party gets access to your WhatsApp, there is a lot they can do. They can change two-factor authentication code. They can even go the long way of linking your WhatsApp account with another device. Doing so will give them free access to your chats even without touching your phone.

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As a company, WhatsApp is doing everything possible to keep your privacy safe. It has also provided optional tools to help you secure your account. We advise that you make use of these tools as well as possible. This will help keep your WhatsApp account safe at all times.

Preparing the Way for WhatsApp Payment

WhatsApp also has a long-term plan to introduce payment on the app. For this reason, the company is blocking all security loopholes. The company is much away that more attacks will evolve in future. Especially when the begins to handle money. Therefore, the app must be as secured as possible. Even before the payment feature rolls out.

It is worth noting that these security features are not exclusive to Android devices only. They will be available on iOS devices as well. WhatsApp stated that these features will be available to beta testers in some few months’ time. Stay tuned as we keep close tabs on these features and update you as soon as they are released.

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