GPT To Become OpenAI’s Trademark Soon – Petition Filed

GPT To Become OpenAI's trademark

OpenAI plans to protect its rights to GPT as it claims to be the first one to offer this AI service. GPT 3 and GPT 4 are now prime examples. But its competitors, such as ThreatGPT, DateGPT, DirtyGPT, and MedicalGPT, are a major hurdle for OpenAI to register GPT as a trademark. All have recently filed for trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The popularity of ChatGPT is the main reason for all this fuss. GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer and uses a deep learning model to develop AI tools. To protect itself, OpenAI wants to turn GPT into a trademark and has applied for one in December 2022. With so much noise on the internet, the company has asked the USPTO to speed up the process.

According to OpenAI, the number of infringements and counterfeit apps is growing by the day. Moreover, they all use GPT, which should have been theirs if the application had been granted in time. Unfortunately, the application was rejected last week because OpenAI’s lawyers failed to pay a fee. The agency says the company needs to provide proper documentation to support its claim.

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GPT May Become OpenAI’s Trademark Anytime Soon…

The chairman of the company’s trademark practice group says that the agency may take up to 5 months to finalize. He is very confident that the company is on the right track to secure the patent. Techcrunch puts several questions to Mr. Scher. For example, whether OpenAI will face opposition over the T in GPT.

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T stands for Transformer in GPT, and the Transformer is the name of Google’s neural network architecture. Google researchers released the architecture in 2017. Second, “Can GPT be a trademark even though it has a very descriptive origin?” As IBM stands for International Business Machines, Scher explains that it can, as the position of a brand, has a descriptive origin, considering that the description is weak.

He adds that there is no guarantee that OpenAI will get the GPT patent. Furthermore, the company has been using the GPT in its original GPT-1 model since October 2018. This is a curious situation, as OpenAI has gradually developed its brand. Thanks to the DALL-E-2, the company is gaining popularity. With all this in mind, the GPT could become OpenAI’s trademark.

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