AI Threatens White-Collar Jobs: A Warning from DeepMind’s Co-Founder

Mustafa Suleyman

Debates about whether AI will soon replace many experts are nothing new. But when OpenAI’s ChatGPT appeared, the real threat became apparent. The point is that the huge language model does many things much better than many people. As a result, many companies are getting rid of people in favor of platforms and tools that use AI. On the one hand, the change has already begun. But it will take longer than you think. In this context, Mustafa Suleyman’s warning about the potential impact of AI on white-collar employment has sparked a debate about the future of work. As a co-founder of DeepMind and former vice president of AI products and policy at Google, Suleyman has particular insight into the sector’s potential impact.

DeepMind sees serious dangers

In his recent talk, Suleyman argued that AI would lead to losing many jobs, with white-collar workers, at risk.

Suleyman said that governments need to take the initiative in creating policies to support people who lose their jobs as a result of AI. For example, he calls for a universal basic income. This would ensure that workers are not left behind as AI disrupts the labor market by offering financial compensation to those affected.


Suleyman’s argument is not without merit. They are in line with a recent Goldman Sachs report, which predicts a 7% increase in global GDP over the next decade as a result of the productivity boost from AI. However, the same report also argues that up to 300 million jobs could be affected by AI, causing serious disruption to the labor market.

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As a result, while many are considering how to cope with it, others are considering ways to make use of recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence. Suleyman, however, doesn’t offer the same solution that Elon Musk and his friends do. We mean instead of clicking the stop button like Elon Musk proposed, Suleyman has created a new machine learning firm called Inflection AI. The company’s main offering is an AI robot by the name of Pi. It is designed to be a friend rather than a mere aid. This way of creating AI is different from the usual idea of AI as a tool for making things faster and more efficient. Instead, Inflection AI wants to find what humans do the best and make it better, by using AI.

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How AI will affect the labor market and white-collar jobs in particular

In the upcoming years, the topics about how AI will affect the workforce is expected to get more heated. Jobs may change a lot as AI advances, with many roles being automated or altered. Governments, legislators, and business leaders should join hands to ensure that AI brings benefits to all members of society. Plus, those who are most vulnerable to its downsides, should feel safer. It will take a major and ongoing effort to create efficient laws and programs to help employees in the era of AI, as Mustafa Suleyman has noted.

white-collar jobs

In this regard, we need to keep in mind Business Insider’s thoughts about which jobs ChatGPT will eliminate:

  • Tech jobs (Coders, software engineers, data analysts),
  • Jobs in the media (technical writing, content creation, ads),
  • Jobs in the legal sector (paralegals, legal assistants),
  • Market research analysts,
  • Teachers,
  • Finance careers (personal financial advisors, financial analysts),
  • Traders,
  • Graphic designers,
  • Accountants,
  • Agents of customer service.

As you can see, ChatGPT will have a significant effect on a variety of fields. So you need to improve as a specialist to stay in play, not losing to AI.

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