Google ignored Android 14 for the first time in Google I/O

Android 14

The Google I/O 2023 event recently took place, and it was an opportunity for Google to showcase its latest developments. The tech giant unveiled 13 new features that will be rolled out gradually. These developments include new AI functions in Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Photos. As well as the presentation of a new AI model called PaLM 2.

However, during the keynote, there were two significant points that caught the attention of many viewers. Firstly, Android 14 was only mentioned once, and secondly, Google Assistant was not mentioned at all. These are two points that have always been a vital part of previous events. Making their absence from the event a surprise to many.

The Absence of Android 14 and the Google Assistant at Google I/O 2023: A Sign of Change in Google’s Strategy?

Android 14

Android 14 received only one mention during the conference while discussing the new lock screen customization options. Google added six new clock styles, most of which differentiate based on the type of font displayed. Besides, Google introduced new AI personalization options that include prompts-generated wallpapers and a smarter Gboard. The conference only mentioned these features, and there was no discussion of the operating system’s betas.

There is speculation that Android 14 could be a minor version for the user. So far, the betas have only seen design refinements and small additions that, while good, don’t add up to anything particularly interesting. This lack of discussion around Android 14 has raised questions about Google’s strategy when it comes to the operating system.

The complete omission of the Google Assistant at the conference has attracted even more attention. According to Wired, the voice assistant is no longer the star of the company when it comes to AI. Previously, the assistant had been a centerpiece of these presentations.

The absence of the Google Assistant at the last Google I/O has raised many questions about Google’s strategy when it comes to artificial intelligence. Is the assistant going to be left out of all the push with AI that other products of the company are experiencing? It is more than possible that Google is having a hard time catching up after ChatGPT’s success.

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It could be due to something as simple as a lack of time to integrate Bard’s abilities into his Assistant. For now, a Google spokeswoman named Katie Hutchison has said in a statement that Google Assistant will power some exclusive features of the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. For now, there is no more information about this.

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The Absence of Android 14 and Google Assistant Raises Questions About the Company’s Strategy

Android 14

The omission of Android 14 and the Google Assistant from the event highlights the challenges that Google faces in the AI space. While the company has made significant strides in the development of AI technologies, it is clear that there is still much work to be done.

Google’s AI strategy has been a topic of discussion for some time now. While the company has made significant investments in the space, it is facing stiff competition from other tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft. These companies have also invested heavily in AI and are making significant progress in the development of new AI technologies.

The absence of Google Assistant from the conference is particularly surprising. Given that the assistant has been a focal point of previous events. The Google Assistant is an integral part of Google’s strategy in the AI space. And its omission from the event raises questions about the company’s future plans for the assistant.

Despite the challenges that Google is facing in the AI space, the company remains committed to developing new AI technologies. The introduction of PaLM 2 and the new AI functions in Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Photos are a testament to the company’s commitment to AI.

In conclusion, the Google I/O 2023 event had some exciting features. But the absence of Android 14 and the Google Assistant was a surprise to many. It remains to see whether these absences are due to a lack of interest or a lack of time. Nonetheless, it is clear that Google is still pushing forward with its AI innovations. And we can expect some exciting developments in the future.

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