Amazon Unveils New Alexa-Powered Echo Speakers: Here’s all you need to know

Amazon has unveiled its latest lineup of Echo smart speakers and smart displays. The lineup caters to both budget-conscious consumers and those looking for an upgrade. With a focus on affordability, performance, and design, these new devices promise to deliver an enhanced smart home experience. In this article, we will explore the new Amazon Echo Pop, the updated Echo Show 5 3rd Generation, and other exciting additions to the Echo family.

The Amazon Echo Pop: A Budget-Friendly Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Pop


The Amazon Echo Pop is the newest budget-friendly smart speaker to join the Echo lineup. Priced at just £44.99, the Echo Pop is £10 cheaper than the Echo Dot and aims to make Alexa-powered smart speakers more accessible to a broader range of consumers. With a variety of color options and a unique semi-sphere design, this compact device is perfect for small spaces.

Design and Features

The Echo Pop boasts a distinctive semi-sphere shape reminiscent of an Echo Dot cut in half. This compact design makes it an ideal fit for smaller spaces, such as bedside tables or kitchen countertops. The device is available in a broad range of colors, including black, white, purple, and teal, ensuring there’s a style to suit any home.

Amazon has equipped the Echo Pop with a front-facing directional speaker, which they claim is perfect for smaller spaces. This design choice allows the device to deliver clear audio without taking up too much room.

Amazon Echo Show 5 3rd Generation: The Updated Smart Display

Amazon Echo Show


The Amazon Echo Show 5 3rd Generation is the latest iteration of the popular Echo Show 5 smart display. With a price tag of £89.99, this updated model promises a 20% faster performance than its predecessor. The Show 5 3rd Gen also features a new speaker system for improved audio quality. The Echo Show 5 3rd Generation is available in the same three color options as before: black, white, and blue.

Design and Performance Improvements

The new Echo Show 5 3rd Generation remains largely unchanged from the previous model. However, Amazon has made significant improvements under the hood. The device now features the AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which debuted on the Echo Show 15. This processor is designed to enhance the speed at which the device processes voice requests. As a result, Alexa responses will be faster, and screen updates will also occur more quickly.

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The updated Echo Show 5 also sports a new microphone array, which further contributes to its improved performance. Additionally, Amazon has integrated a new speaker system, doubling the bass output for clearer music playback. This enhancement makes the Echo Show 5 3rd Generation an even more appealing bedroom companion, serving as both a smart clock and an entertainment center.

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Matter Compatibility and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Amazon has ensured that the Echo Show 5 3rd Generation is compatible with Matter. Matter is an industry-unifying standard for smart home devices. However, it’s worth noting that this model does not support Thread, meaning it can only connect directly to Wi-Fi devices.

Echo Show 5 Kids: A Smart Display Designed for Children

Amazon Echo Show Kids


For the first time, Amazon has introduced a smart display specifically targeted at children. The Echo Show 5 Kids, priced at £99.99, comes with a one-year subscription to Kids+ and a two-year worry-free guarantee. This device showcases a vibrant space-themed design while providing child-friendly responses, explicit lyric filtering, and age-appropriate video content.

Parental Controls and Kids+ Subscription

Parents can easily manage the Echo Show 5 Kids through the Amazon Parent Dashboard. This will ensure their children have a safe and enjoyable experience. The included one-year Kids+ subscription provides access to a vast library of child-friendly content, including games, videos, and interactive learning materials.

Updated Amazon Echo Auto: Bringing Alexa to the Road



Amazon has also introduced an updated version of the Echo Auto. The Echo Auto is a smart speaker designed to bring Alexa’s capabilities to vehicles without built-in voice assistants. The new Echo Auto, priced at £59.99, features a sleeker design. Amazon has also added an adhesive mount for easy installation on your car’s dashboard.

Improved Performance and Voice Recognition

The updated Echo Auto is equipped with a five-microphone array, ensuring that Alexa can clearly hear your requests even amidst road noise, music, and air conditioning. This powerful voice recognition technology allows you to access Alexa’s features while on the go, making your driving experience smarter and more convenient.

In Conclusion

Amazon’s latest Echo devices showcase the company’s commitment to providing consumers with a wide range of smart home options. From budget-friendly speakers like the Echo Pop to upgraded displays such as the Echo Show 5 3rd Generation. With the addition of the Echo Show 5 Kids and the updated Echo Auto, Amazon continues to expand its offerings to cater to various user needs and preferences. Whether you’re a first-time smart home user or looking to upgrade your existing devices, these new Echo products offer something for everyone.

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