Android 14 Lets You Drag and Drop Files and Text Between Apps

Android 14

The final release of Android 14 is still months away. But the good news is that we have started to get more and more interesting details about it. Now, although Android offered a high level of flexibility in terms of multi-tasking before, it did lack one crucial feature that iOS has.

That is, dragging and dropping files from one app to another. Well, Nail Sadykov, the Google News Telegram channel editor, has spotted a brand new feature of Android 14. And with it in place, multi-tasking on Android will feel smoother than ever before.

The Latest Android 14 Feature Is a Dream Come True for Multi-Taskers

Nail Sadykov discovered that Android 14 would offer a feature that would let you drag and drop files between two full-screen apps. Now, at first glance, the feature might look useless to you. But when you are sharing a specific file with someone, wouldn’t it be better not to close one app to get to the other?

Well, the latest feature of Android 14 delivers that flexibility. As Sadykov shares, you can simply long-press images, text, and other files with one finger to activate the drag-and-drop mechanism. With it activated, you can use the other finger to perform system navigation gestures. And when the second app opens, you can let go of the file, image, or text, and it will paste there.

Android 14
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The important highlight here is that you do not need to run the apps in split-screen mode. And that is a major plus for anyone who needs apps in full-screen to get work done. In addition, it seems Android 14 will let you swipe between apps and go to the home screen or back to the previous screen through edge gestures. On Android 13, the edge gesture only allows you to go back. That is yet another big multi-tasking feature.

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