Will you buy a China-made Tesla Model Y / 3 in Canada?

Tesla Model Y electric cars

Tesla has finished its first shipment from the Shanghai facility to North America. The company¬†will now offer the Model 3 and Model Y for sale in Canada.¬†The long – range all – wheel – drive Model 3 and the rear – wheel – drive Model Y are both ready for pickup right away in British Columbia, Canada, according to Tesla’s website.¬†Both cars are eligible for a federal govt subsidy of 5,000 Canadian dollars.¬†However, it’s not known how many Tesla cars built in China are on sale or open for sale¬†in Canada.

Tesla Model Y

Cars built at Tesla’s Shanghai facility for export to global markets may aid in the sale of cars produced in its California and Texas factories in the United States. These¬†may be eligible for tax breaks of up to $7,500 under a U.S. govt subsidy scheme.¬†However, Tesla is facing increased price and feature rivalry from Chinese electric car makers. The company’s¬†Berlin factory has been scaling up Model Y production for European buyers.

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Tesla Model Y made in China are cheaper

Tesla has gained¬†from its lower prices globally by basing its production facility in China.¬†The price of the Chinese – made Model Y in Canada is 61,990 Canadian dollars. This¬†is around 22% more expensive than the price of the same car prior to China’s launch of the special policy.¬†Tesla is able to export cars built in China to Canada, and these models are also eligible for subsidies. This is because¬†Canada does not bind electric car subsidies to the location of car¬†production plants.

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Tesla Model 3

An inquiry by IT Home reveals that the¬†first three digits of a car’s identifying number (VIN) match the code Tesla Motors uses when offering cars for sale. This makes it clear that Tesla’s Shanghai factory produces the Model 3 and Model Y which are sold in Canada. Sales of Tesla cars in Canada will aid in the company’s growth of its market share in North America. It will also open up a new market for Tesla cars produced in China.

As of now, we do not know¬†the quality control and safety standards of Tesla’s Chinese – made cars. This may be a major concern for potential buyers of these Tesla cars in Canada. Hopefully, the company will release an official statement in this regard.

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