Forget AMD RX 7600 and Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti; The Intel Arc A750 Is the Best Budget GPU So Far!

Intel Arc A750

It’s debatable whether the Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti is a disaster or a disappointment. But no matter what you say, it’s true that the $400 price point of that GPU does not make it a good pick as the best budget GPU for gamers. After all, at $400, you are talking about console money. So, what should gamers on a tight budget do? Get the Intel Arc A750!

With a $250 price tag, the Intel Arc A750 really has all that it takes to be the right choice for budget builds. And there’s a promotion going on, which takes $50 off the GPU. That means you can get the Intel GPU for half the price of the 4060Ti! But the GPU is more than half when it comes to performance.

Intel Arc A750 Shakes Up the Budget GPU Market

Even with the launch price, the Intel Arc A750 is cheaper than the AMD RX 7600, which is now going for $300. And again, it’s not just the price that matters. Well, actually, the Intel GPU is sometimes faster than the RX 7600. In standard raster games with no ray tracing, the RX 7600 is 10% faster than the new Intel card.

Intel Arc A750 Specs
Intel Arc A750 Specs

On the other hand, when you enable ray tracing, the Intel Arc A750 is actually faster than the current budget offering from AMD. But how good is the Intel card against the Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti? At 1440p, the 4060Ti is around 60% faster than the A750, which sounds like a lot, and it actually is.

But you have to consider the fact that the RTX 4060 Ti is currently 100% more money when you factor in the deal. When put in another way, when the RTX 4060 Ti offers around 80 FPS, for example, you will get around 50 FPS from the Intel Arc A750.

Intel ARC A750 Deal
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Can you feel the difference between 50 FPS and 80 FPS? Yes, you can. But it’s not like you are talking about 50 FPS vs 200 FPS. So, you can’t defend the RTX 4060 Ti by saying it is serving up a completely different experience compared to the Intel Arc A750.

Ray Tracing and DLSS Tells a Different Story Though

There’s no denying that the RTX 4060 Ti will perform best against the Intel Arc A750 with ray tracing on. To be exact, the Intel GPU might even offer an unplayable experience with ray tracing on and in 1440p resolution. The RTX 4060 Ti has other benefits, including Frame Generation and DLSS.

Intel ARC A750 XeSS
ARC A750 With XeSS

Although Intel has decent scaling tech in XeSS, it’s still not as robust as the offering from Nvidia. For example, the Intel Arc A750 lacks the fancy frame interpolation tech. But how much value can you put on these features? Are they actually $200 worth? Well, the answer will basically depend on your gaming needs.

Intel ARC A750 value
Value comparison

In the very worst case, the Intel Arc A750 will be about half as good as the RTX 4060 Ti. But most of the time, it is more than half good as the RTX 4060 Ti. So, when you consider the value proposition, Intel definitely has the lead. Moreover, sometimes, the comparative numbers do not really make much sense.

Intel Arc A750 vs Nvidia RTX 3060
Arc A750 vs RTX 3060

For example, if you have a tight budget, you would not really care how good the RTX 4060 Ti is. That is, if $400 is way out of your budget, you will be more than happy with the Intel Arc A750. After all, the GPU will average 60 FPS at 1440p in most modern titles. And an average 60 FPS experience is not bad at all, right?

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