Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8: Stunning Transparent Design Meets Sound Quality


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The Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 are excellent earbuds with stunning transparent design, LED display, good audio quality and impressive battery life.
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I’m definitely a music lover, and therefore, I like to hear my favorite songs throughout the day. Sometimes finding the best companion (earbud/headphones) to hear my favorite song is not an easy task. Nowadays, the market of True Wireless Earbuds is booming with multiple offers. We can find earbuds from the lowest range of the market to the most premium ones. Although the offer is wide, it’s not so easy to find good earbuds that will stand in the crowd. There are a lot of factors to consider: Battery Life, Sound Quality, Endurance and etc. Sometimes we will be surprised by good earbuds that would not make much “buzz” among the competition. That’s exactly the case with the Acefast Crystal (2) earbuds T8.

These stylish earbuds managed to serve me pretty well through the past two weeks, and I’ll explain more through this review.

Introducing Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8

I believe that ACEFAST was not a brand that you hear about very often. In fact, I didn’t hear much about them until I come across their stylish products. Yeah, these guys know how to make simple products look cool! From flashy transparent earbuds to chargers, these products will stand in the crow. The Acefast Crystal (2) earbuds T8 are no exception. The truly wireless earbuds come with an eye-catching transparent design, an LED display on the case that let you know about the current juice, and six distinct color options.

Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8

The Acefast Crystal (2) earbuds are also very interesting offerings thanks to their Bluetooth 5.3 support. The new standard is getting more popular in 2023, and these earbuds are ready for the new devices coming with it. The earbuds also feature an innovative LDS antenna to ensure perfect hands-free calling. They offer a level 4 waterproof rating with IPX4 certification. Among the highlights we also have an excellent battery life that combined with the case can offer up to 30 hours.

Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8

What is the box?

The folks at Acefast certainly know that old saying that “presentation is everything”. The Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 comes in a stylish cardboard box that looks professional and well-made. When you unbox the device, you’re presented right with the earbuds and case in a very stylish manner.

Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8
“Presentation is Everything they say.”

When you open the box each item is individually packaged. There is a combination of cardboard and foam protecting the product. The Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 comes in a charging case and is ready to go. Before using them, you need to remove the plastic labels from the charging pins. As I’ve said, there is a variety of colors, and I got the stylish blue one. The case has a beautiful LED display that steals the attention when turned on. If you put it to charge via the USB Type-C port, you will also see a glowing LED indicator. The numbers, obviously will allow you to know the exact amount of juice left in the case.

Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8

The box provides you with a small USB Type-C cable. It comes in the same color as your earbud and that is a nice touch! Obviously, you can charge the device with any Type-C cable you have laying around. One of the more interesting extras is a silicone sleeve. It also matches the color of the earbuds and allows you to protect the case from scratches and even falls. There is a lanyard strap that you can embrace to protect it from falling while you’re holding the case.

Acefast also provides spare ear tips with 3 distinct sizes (Four if you count the one that comes with the earbuds). As a result, you can pick the one that will better fit in your ear and provide you with a more immersive sound quality. There is a simple user manual that is there just for the basics. I’ve to say that unboxing this product was a nice experience. Seriously! When we look at standard earbuds they just come in simple boxes to save costs. Acefast really paid attention to the presentation here, and when you unbox it you already feel that it’s not an ordinary product.

There are no buttons on the case itself. All controls can be found on the earbuds. The earbuds perfectly fit on the case and won’t come out without easily.

Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8

The case’s display will turn on for a few seconds when you remove or insert the buds into the case. It’s a useful way to check the buds and case battery status without having to rely on the smartphone. The LED display has a white color for the battery status and glows when you’re charging.

Features and Usability of the Acefast Crystal (2)

The Earbuds are pretty ready for immersive audio thanks to their 10mm drivers. Also, they come with support for the SBS and AAC audio codecs. As I’ve told you before, they come with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard, so they are quite future-proof for the next few years.

My experience with the Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8 was quite good I can say. I’ve been using them for the past two weeks to hear basically everything on my smartphone and computer. To be honest, they have changed my opinion on using these earbuds on computers. I use a simple Bluetooth dongle on my PC to get connectivity and to be honest, I’m not confident about the quality of the dongle. For that reason, I’ve had a lot of issues with my past experiences with cheaper earbuds. Things like earbuds disconnecting, hiccups in the sound, and other issues have plagued me in my past usage. However, with the Crystal (2) this changed completely! I didn’t experience any issues with my usage on the PC, they connected pretty well and worked stable through long hours.

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Perhaps the stable connection comes from the LDS antenna design. It stands for Lase Direct Structuring and molds the antenna transmitter onto a plastic strip across the earbud stem. The tech is advertised to bring stable signal transmission and reduce interference. I believe that technology has done its job quite well during my usage. Still on technical details, the earbuds come with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) transmission via the BES 2600 IHC Bluetooth chip.


With smartphones, the experience is also great. It easily connects to the smartphone and will not present any kind of connection issue. One of the highlights of these earbuds is the battery life. During my usage, I only had to charge them a few times, and the charging case was charged only a single time. Thankfully, both charge pretty fast.  The audio is deep and the in-ear fit is also pretty good, but you may need to change the silicone tip size depending on your ear. I’ve used the standard one that comes with the earbud and did not have any problem.

Once you connect the earbuds to the smartphone, all your sound and call functionality will be paired with it. I was able to perfectly use the earbud for listening to my music, and videos and answering calls without any problem. Further, I participated in a Google Meet call and all the participants were able to listen to me perfectly.

Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8

As with any other modern earbud nowadays, the Acefast Crystal (2) comes with touch controls. I have to confess that I’m not a great fan of this kind of control. I still prefer the capacitive buttons for this kind of input, but the future is moving fast to touch controls. Maybe my fingers are too big and the touch area of the earbuds is small, but I’ve goofed in most of my attempts to control the earbuds via their touch controls. Okay, maybe after these two weeks, I’m starting to get better, but in the first days, I’ve paused videos and music a lot of times while fitting the earbuds better on my ear.

Maybe all my confusion could be avoided If I had spent some minutes reading the manuals…

According to the user manual, once the earbuds are paired with your device you can control it with them. It’s One Tap on the Right Earbud that will raise the volume, doing the same on the Left one will bring it down. If you double-tap the touch area of any of the two, you will play/pause the music. Three taps on the touch area will move the content forward or backward depending on the earbud your press. You can double-tap the touch area to answer a call, and double-tap to end a call.

There is also a Gaming Mode that reduces latency. It’s quite useful if you intend to play competitive games with the earbuds. You will need to press and hold the touch area for about 2 seconds in order to enter/exit this particular mode. Obviously, it is not meant for regular music listening, so only use it when you’re playing games.

Battery Life and Other Details Of My Experience

I’ve already told you about my stable experience with the earbuds, but what about battery life? Well, the earbuds are rated for about 30 hours of usage with the charging case. They can withstand about 6 to 7 hours of continuous usage. I used them to listen to music while working and to be honest didn’t draw all their juice. I’ve only had to charge the case two times in these past days, but just because I didn’t want it to run out of juice. They are pretty good in battery life, and if you use them while on the go you probably be served well for an entire day.

If I go for the downsides of the usage, there is a lack of ANC. Obviously, considering everything offered, this could have increased the price of the earbuds significantly. There is still ENC (Environmental Noise Cancelling) for the calls, and it’s better than nothing. The earbuds also lack multi-point pairing and there is no wear detection for pausing and resuming media playback.

One thing that I missed was an app companion to tweak my experience. Nowadays, it’s pretty common to find apps that serve to complete your experience. From them, you can manage the audio and set different equalization settings, profiles, and other things. They can also be useful for firmware updates. If can give a recommendation to Acefast is to develop and launch an app companion for these earbuds. It’s pretty essential considering all the attention given to the details of these earbuds. They look like premium devices, and an app companion can make the whole experience more professional.

Verdict – Acefast Cyrstal (2) Does it Worth It?

Despite the small downsides, I can say that my experience with the Acefast Crystal (2) earbuds was quite satisfactory, to not say really surprising. The earbuds certainly do a show with their presentation. Their unique transparent style exposes the externals, and the fancy LED lights are a spectacular touch to make these earbuds look like premium ones. I’ve enjoyed my audio experience with immersive audio and stable connections. I would have appreciated a companion app to tweak my experience, change eq settings and etc, but hopefully, Acefast will fix that in the future with a good application.

There is no ANC, but the ENC will still help you during calls. The audio quality is decent, and the battery life is simply spectacular with up to 30 hours with the charging case. They are competing in a tough spot with the price range, but the future is bright for this brand and this TWS earbuds series. Worth noting, that besides the T8, there are more Crytal Earbuds, Crystal Chargers, and even Power Banks. The Chargers and Powerbanks also come with fancy LED displays to keep this as a trademark for the series.

With the stellar Bluetooth connectivity, extreme battery life, and unique design that you can showcase to all your friends, I can’t help but recommend the Acefast Crystal (2) earbuds T8. You can grab them through the link below, and there is even a good discount coupon that will give you a nice 20% discount.

Buy Acefast Crystal (2) Earbuds T8

If you get the Acefast Crystal (2) via the link above, you’ll already get a 10% discount on the earbuds! Acefast is also offering a special 20% discount coupon for all our readers. You just need to use the Code: 20ACEFAST8 before proceeding with your payment. This can bring the price down to about $48!


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