IOS 16.5 Battery Life Issue, Apple Has an Advise for iPhone Owners Who Have Updated

After Apple release the iOS 16.5, social media platforms have seen several complaints from iPhone users. Most users are complaining about bad battery lives on their iPhone and blaming it on the iOS 16.5.

There have been several complaints flooding Twitter trends from these users. One Twitter user called @ismascarade tweeted, his concern saying, “iOS 16.5 is deadly for the battery.” He is not the only one, there are more users making similar complaints.

Another Twitter user with the handle @cowsmi1k wrote: “Coincidental or not, since iOS 16.5, not only is my battery life horrific. Charging time has slowed drastically, and for some reason, my Battery is reaching seriously hot temperatures, whilst barely processing anything.”

What To Do if You Experience Battery Issues After Updating to iOS 16.5IOS 16.5 Battery Issue

In as much as some updates may come with a few issues, high temperatures and bad battery lives should not be something to panic about. Especially, if this happens within the first 48 hours after updating your system software.

This is because all apps and other services running on the iPhone will need sometime to adjust to the new system. During the adjustment process, a lot may be running in the background that the user does not see. For this reason, some users may experience high temperature and shorter battery lives.

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This is very normal as Apple has explained. After all the apps and system services finish adjusting to the new software, everything will get back to normal or even better.

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Apple’s Reply to iOS 16.5 Battery Issue

IOS 16.5 Battery Issue

Some users who made official complaints to Apple got a reply similar to the explanation above. According to Apple, this is normal to experience within the first 48 hours of updating your iPhone.

However, the Cupertino company advised users to send messages to their DM should the issue continue after 48 hours.

So, before you begin to argue that Apple is trying to force you to purchase a new iPhone, it is advisable to give yourself a few days for your iPhone to finish the adjusting process.

However, if you still experience the same issues after 48 hours, you need to alert Apple about it. You can either send them a DM on their social media platforms or contact Apple Support directly.

Source / Via: PhoneArena

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1 Comment

  1. June 14, 2023

    I am a past Phone designer. I have had ios 16.5 for more than a few MONTHS. This response from Apple is pure ignorance crap. I have waited my 48 hours, rebooted the thing, factory reset it and reloaded all my data (what a really crap feature), and it still runs hot in my pocket while doing nothing. I have stopped a Apps (by swiping them away), made sure nothing is running and it still has about 50% less battery life as before, same hardware. It gets hot while in my pocket doing nothing.

    I guess Apple can just bury their head on their products, but it really isn’t a good look for them.

    when will apple deal honestly with their customers and actually deal with issues they introduce to the phone?