Huawei Chairman predicts 10x Computer Power Increase thanks to AI


During the APEC Business Leaders’ Forum in Beijing, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman, Hu Houkun, shared details about its vision for the future of AI. The rise of ChatGPT was enough to start a whole new era in computing, and perhaps, a new era in the way we live our lives and deal with technology. The natural language models are spreading and every tech company wants to take a slice of this cake. It is already changing businesses across the world and users are strongly embracing the new tech. According to Hu, the new form of AI has officially ushered in a new era. It will “rewrite personal and industrial applications”. It will boost the segment, we we will see a huge evolution until 2030.

Huawei chairman predicts AI will bring a “revolution” in the tech segment until 2030

Mr.Hu believes we will see a huge growth in demand. He projects that general computing power will see a remarkable increase by 2030, over ten times. He also forecasts that AI power will raise by an impressive 500-fold within the same timeframe. There will be some steps and other segments rising alongside. For instance, he believes in deeper global connectivity and a significant latency reduction in the connectivity standards. By 2030, he expects the total number of connections worldwide to reach a staggering 20 billion. Also, the low-latency applications, with a mere 1ms delay, will be widespread. The waiting times should be reduced by about 100x if we compare them to today’s standards. These advancements are set to meet AI needs.


Huawei’s executive also highlights the rise of new business forms. It includes the metaverse and holographic imaging theory. These new cutting-edge technologies are evolving, but are still not attractive to the general users. That may change in the coming years as these technologies evolve. Of Course, with the dominance of such techs, the internet standards will need to evolve alongside. The Bandwidth demands will see a surge, and more opportunities will rise along with this growth.

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The rise of computing power will benefit several other segments

The forum also discusses the benefits beyond the technology segment. For instance, the energy sector should see a significant boost with the rise of such technology. With the power of digital tech, the decarbonization process will improve, become faster, and then we will see a benefit in the long term. With the adoption of 5G, AI, and Cloud Computing Technologies, more traditional power plants should embrace this technology and gain some benefits in the long term. The advancement promises enhanced quality and efficiency in power generation. The rise of digital tech should also boost the solar and wind energy evolution.

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According to Hu, Huawei sees the huge potential of AI-driven technologies like ChatGPT. It represents the future of computing power and can break the current barriers of hardware. Talking about connectivity, the chairman expects current 100Mbps standards to reach a whopping 10 Gbps amount in the next seven years. That is a remarkable increase and can completely change the way we live our lives.

Faster internet with reduced latency means that some technologies can be established. Cloud Computing, Cloud Gaming, Autonomous Driving, All these techs are waiting for the evolution or establishment of connectivity standards. With the growing demand for AI, many other sectors will benefit. We have enough reasons to believe in Mr. Hu’s arguments for the future. We were not expecting an AI model like ChatGPT to emerge. But still, it appeared and brought a huge revolution to the web. Now, most of the tech firms are embracing AI and working to deliver their own solutions. ChatGPT is changing many tech segments, also huge increases like GPT-4 are set to be even more impressive. With that in mind, we won’t be surprised if life changes significantly in the next seven years.

Right now, AI models like ChatGPT are seeing troubles due to the CPU segment. It may limit the growth for a while, but it’s just a temporary barrier. As the demand grows, manufacturers will also increase their capabilities.

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