Say Goodbye to Annoying Alarms: Google Clock Adds ‘Swipe to Stop’ on Android 14

Google Swipe to Stop

Android 14 is getting ready to show up in a few months and we are already beginning to feel the breeze of the next Android operating system. There have been talks about the features of the next big thing for Android. The most recent had to do with the notifications.

For example, Android 14 will separate the volume of the ringtone from that of the notifications. Ringtone and notifications will each have their own volume sliders.

Another feature is the ability to hide notifications during screen recording and also use the camera flashlight for alerts. In all these notifications changes, the main highlight amongst them is the ability to swipe away notifications. As it stands, this new feature works for alarms as well.

The Google Clock app in the Android 14 Beta 3 now allows you to mute or dismiss alarms by using a swipe gesture. This comes as a hint on the phone when the alarm goes off. The hint prompts the user to swipe and stop the alarm. This means the user can swipe their finger across the display to disable or stop an ongoing alarm notification.

Google Clock Swipe to Stop Notifications is Only Available in Android 14 Google Swipe to Stop

On the other hand, using the same version of the Clock app (V7.5) on Android 13 does not give you the option to swipe to dismiss an alarm. It rather gives you the normal Snooze and Stop buttons. This explains that the swipe to stop feature is another capability of Android 14 which makes it possible to swipe away all types of notifications. The option to clear all notifications does not really clear certain types of notifications such as alarm. However, the swipe away option completely clears every notification which includes those that were developed to run on the foreground.

It looks like Google was a bit skeptical about how the swipe away feature should handle alarm notifications. It finally went in for the option of totally dismissing the alarm. Interesting enough, this feature also applies to expired timer notifications. However, the timer option does not prompt the user to swipe away the expired timer notifications.

Nothing Much Changed in Android 14 Google Clock Apart from Swipe to Stop Notifications Google Swipe to Stop

To make things clearer, the swipe away feature works only for the notification that appears when an alarm or timer is going off with the phone unlocked. It doesn’t affect the full screen interface that appears when the alarm goes off with the screen off. Also, this gesture doesn’t apply to the alarm notification that appears shortly before the alarm goes off. Such notifications already have a dismissing option. Dismissing them does not affect the upcoming feature in any way.

Even though some users have testified that the feature works fine, others have claimed otherwise. Most users have reported that swiping away alarm notifications does not dismiss the alarm entirely. As a new feature, such bugs are highly expected. Hopefully, Google will correct all of such problems before Android 14 is officially out.

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  1. December 4, 2023

    I didn’t noticed that. I did notice that when I get there I’m unable to press either buttons…

    I also noticed that there’s a slider that you can swipe left to snooze and right to stop the alarm when you get the full screen alarm ringing.

    It’s not all my alarms thought, some have the “old?” UI, kinda weird. I tried to delete them all and add them back but it’s the same.

    Android 14 if now officially out and had enough time to correct such an important app. I’m hoping it will be ok with tomorrow’s update. Unless they push it we are in december…