Discover the New Netflix SF TV Show ‘3 Body Problem’ – Watch the Trailer

If you weren’t deterred by Netflix‘s password-sharing crackdown, or if you stay (or become) a subscriber, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a new Netflix SF TV show from the creator of the mega-popular Game of Thrones. The new high-budget Netflix original is called 3 Body Problem, and Netflix has just released the first trailer.

This SF Netflix original is based on a book written by the Chinese author Liu Cinxin, from the 1960-es. The Netflix adaptation will probably not literally follow the original story, but will rather be just based on it. Just like in many other adaptations.

The main character in the plot is astrophysicist Ye Wenjie, who witnessed the brutal murder of her father during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. She is later recruited for her scientific background and sent to a secret radar base in a remote Chinese region.

Netflix SF TV show 3 body problem

Her fateful decision from the 1960s has a direct impact on space and time, by reaching a group of present-day scientists facing the greatest threat to humanity.

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The first trailer for this new Netflix SF TV show has just been released. It will be broadcast in January 2024, though, so we’ll have to wait a little bit. Anyway, for sci-fi fans, this could be very interesting. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but it brings a glimpse of what you can expect.

Netflix SF TV shows to become better

Considering similar Netflix Original projects, this one seems like one of the best yet. Namely, Netflix recently announced that it would focus on more quality projects, rather than oh hyperproduction of cheap content. This decision was driven by the company’s statistics.

One of Netflix’s own reports says that the new budget pool will be spread among different types of production. In particular, $30M will be spent on smaller projects, which means cheaper ones. While those with a budget from $30M to $80M will be deployed to high-budget projects. According to this, new Netflix SF TV shows could become better.

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The reason for such a decision is that cheaper projects didn’t take company’s expectations. They now believe that more expensive ones will make more profits, and bring a higher reputation to the streaming platform.

Watch the trailer here:

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