Android is easier to use than iOS – new study claim: True or False?

Android Vs iOS

For years, the debate over which mobile operating system is better, Android or iOS, has raged on. While both have their strengths and weaknesses, a new study has found that Android is much more intuitive than iOS. The study, conducted by GreenSmartphones, analyzed common user issues to determine which operating system was easier to use. It found that Android was 58% easier to use than iOS. The study source is and the analysis was conducted by Tom of Green Smartphones. Please note that the study does not discuss which system is better, it only talks about which is easier to use. Now let’s delve into some of the details of the study as well as its overall result. 

Android is easier to use than iOS - new study reveals


The method used in this study is to analyze common user issues. These are issues such as setting up email accounts, transferring files, and customizing settings. Participants were asked to complete these tasks on both Android and iOS devices, and their experiences were recorded. 

The study also used Google search volume in the US for each task listed. For its analysis, the company used the monthly search volume average over the past 12 months. For certain tasks, it used various search keyword types, but also the same format for both Apple and Android devices. To examine how often users of each operating system look for assistance taking a screenshot, it used the terms “how to screenshot on Android” and “how to screenshot on iPhone.”

The study also manually boosted the Android-related data in order to account for the prospect that Android users may be looking for assistance for their particular type of device rather than using the term “Android.” By analysing the search volume for other keywords like “how to screenshot on Samsung phones” and “how to screenshot on Google pixel,”. With these queries, the study was able to get fairly accurate results.

Sample Size & Demographics

The total sample size used for the study is about 584,000 with 226,000 monthly queries on Android and 358,000 queries on iOS. In terms of demographics, the study considered Google searches made by Android and iOS users in the United States.

Study Queries

The study used queries on both Android and iOS to reach a conclusion. The queries are

  • How to take a screenshot
  • How to take a screen recording
  • How to block a number
  • How to factory reset
  • How to record a phone call
  • How to block set up voicemail
  • How to share location
  • How to scan a QR code
  • How to delete an app
  • How to send photos to a computer
  • How to perform a device update
  • How to perform a device backup

From the study chart, more Android users queried how to take a screenshot. However, this is the only query that more Android users asked. The remaining queries had more iOS users than Android.

Android is easier to use than iOS - new study reveals
Illustration showing the different queries and how Android and iOS users acted. Green is Android and Blue is iOS

Why is Android easier to use than iOS?

Android’s Intuitive Features

The term “intuitive” simply refers to the ease of understanding or simplicity and it was measured by taking note of the questions that users of both systems often ask. The study found that Android’s intuitive features were a major reason why it was easier to use than iOS. For example, Android’s notification system is more user-friendly than iOS’s. Android’s notifications are grouped by app, making it easier to see which notifications are related to which app. In contrast, iOS’s notifications are not grouped by app, making it more difficult to see which notifications are related to which app. Another feature that makes Android more intuitive is its back button. The back button is a staple of Android devices and makes it easy to navigate between apps and screens. In contrast, iOS’s back button is not always present, making it more difficult to navigate between apps and screens.

Android Vs iOS

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Another reason why Android is easier to use than iOS is customization. Android allows users to customize their devices in a way that iOS does not. For example, Android users can change their home screen layout, add widgets, and change their default apps. In contrast, iOS users are limited in their customization options.

Here are some details on how Android is more customizable than iOS:

  • Open-source platform: Android is an open-source platform, which means that it can be used on devices from different manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, and more. This allows for more diversity and options when choosing an Android device.
  • More freedom: Android offers more freedom and customization options than iOS. You can customize almost anything on your Android device, from how your home screen looks to how you interact with your phone.
  • Themes: It’s much easier to get a clean and uniform look on an Android than on an iPhone. A theme can be installed with a single click, and it typically changes everything from your wallpaper to the lock screen, accent colours, and app icons.
  • Widgets: Android phones have always been able to sport widgets like calendar boxes and weather icons, while iPhones only got this ability in 2020 with the introduction of iOS 14. 
  • Flexibility: From the home screen to the lock screen, from default apps to the app drawer, you’ve got more flexibility with Android.
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A recent study by The New York Times while acknowledging the pros and cons of both systems noted the ease of use of Android. The report said, “With Android phones, you can usually find exactly the hardware you need; with iOS devices, Apple’s choices are your only choices”. However, the study also stated that in the end, it boils down to individual choices.

Counter Argument

There are hundreds of millions of Android and iOS users globally and these users have their opinions about the mobile systems. There have been several reports that check the comparison between Android and iOS. While the Android system has its positives, so does the iOS system. Several people consider iOS to be easier and here are some of the reasons

  1. Fewer pre-installed apps: iPhones have fewer pre-installed apps compared to Android, which allows the device to perform better. Plus, users can remove certain pre-installed apps on iPhones to enhance their experience
  2. User-friendly interface: Despite the popular belief that Androids are easy to use, iPhones are far better when it comes to retaining and attracting customers since the look and feel of iOS are simpler and more intuitive. It adds simplicity to the UI, which makes the users habitual of the interface
  3. Better hardware and software integration: Apple has shown how software and hardware complement each other with the recent releases of iPhones. Apple has also worked seamlessly on other gadgets like Macs, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. It not only provides a device; it provides a closed ecosystem where software and hardware are built to perform at best
  4. Timely updates: iOS devices receive timely updates, which means users can enjoy new features and security patches as soon as they are available. This is not always the case with Android devices, as updates can be delayed or not available at all depending on the device and manufacturer
  5. Absence of bloatware: iOS devices do not come with extra baggage, which means users do not have to deal with pre-installed apps that they do not need or want
  6. Ecosystem factor: The iPhone works seamlessly with other Apple gadgets, including Macs, the Apple Watch, and Apple TV. This creates an ecosystem factor that makes it easier for users to switch between devices and enjoy a more integrated experience

Final Words

According to Greensmartphones, there are about 226,000 monthly searches from Android users looking for basic to intermediate-level tasks on Android. However, on iOS, about 358,000 users ask for the same on iOS. This is a 58.41% difference. The study conducted by GreenSmartphones found that Android is much more intuitive than iOS. Android’s intuitive features, such as its notification system and back button, make it easier to use than iOS. Additionally, Android’s customization options give users more control over their devices. While both operating systems have their strengths and weaknesses, this study provides evidence that Android is the more user-friendly option.

This study is not a debate between Android and iOS and does not intend to discuss which system is better. It only discusses which system is easier to use which does not necessarily mean that the system is better. The study results suggest that iOS users find it easier to take screenshots with their phones. However, Android users find it easier to do other tasks like blocking a number and factory reset.

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  1. June 26, 2023

    of course Android. for me Apple nowhere near to Android

  2. June 27, 2023

    I’ve tried both and Android is more to my liking due to its more open nature and customization. Those who use Macs and other Apple devices are probably better off with an iPhone, though it’s not impossible to use those devices with Android.

    So the bottom line, it’s a subjective choice.

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