WhatsApp Desktop: Why This Version is No Longer Available to User

WhatsApp has taken a significant step regarding its desktop application on Windows. According to a report from WABetaInfo, the messaging platform has officially “deprecated” its Electron-based desktop app. This means that the previous version of the app will no longer receive updates and support.

Users with the deprecated version will be prompted to switch to the new native app, which will serve as a replacement. By migrating to the new app, users will be able to continue using WhatsApp on their Windows devices. They will also be able to access all the features of the messaging app. The transition to the native app ensures that users can enjoy a more optimized and up-to-date experience. WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp aims to provide desktop users with a more optimized, stable, and feature-rich experience. Therefore, getting rid pf the Electron-based desktop app is just the right point to begin. However, the rapid transition has resulted in mixed reactions from users.

Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the new native app as it currently lacks certain business tools. Such tools include quick replies and catalog management. These tools are essential for effective customer communication. This limitation has caused concerns for businesses that rely on WhatsApp Desktop for customer interactions.

WhatsApp Already Notified Desktop Users About the Transition

It’s worth noting that WhatsApp had already sent advance notice to users some weeks back. For over four weeks, a countdown was displayed on the app’s main screen, alerting users to the upcoming change. This allowed users to be aware of the transition and make preparations accordingly. WhatsApp displayed an expiry message to users upon opening the app. It also placed a button that redirects users to the native version to make the transition easier. WhatsApp Desktop App

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WhatsApp is likely to continue working on enhancing the native app’s capabilities. This includes the addition of business tools, to address the concerns raised by users during this transition phase.

It’s important to note that the deprecation of the Electron app appears to be limited to WhatsApp Desktop for Windows only. The Electron framework, used in the deprecated app, enables developers to create cross-platform desktop applications using web technologies. This allows for a single codebase that can work across different operating systems such as Windows and macOS.

In contrast, the native apps provide a smoother and more intuitive user interface. It has improved responsiveness, and enhanced stability, resulting in a more robust and reliable messaging experience. By transitioning to the native app, WhatsApp aims to deliver a better overall user experience on desktop platforms.

How to Download WhatsApp Desktop Native App

To avoid any disruptions in accessing WhatsApp on Desktop, users must transition from the deprecated Electron version to the native app. At the moment, the Electron-based WhatsApp Desktop App has expired. Users may have to download the native desktop app that is made for Windows. It is currently available on the Microsoft Store for all those who need it.

For users who rely on business tools, utilizing WhatsApp Web can serve as a temporary solution. WABetaInfo has stated that the company will introduce business features for the native app in the near future. Hence, providing users with a more comprehensive experience.

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