Engrave Your Way to Greatness with Laser Engraver Machines on Gearberry – It’s a Beam Come True!

laser engraver machines
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Laser engravers are lately in high demand for all the creatives, because of their utility and scope of options. And of course the current level of specs and features. Modern home laser engraver machines are really on par with the professional machines just from few years ago. And today we have for you a great sales event from the Gearberry e-shop for some of the most interesting models from this category. There are quite some to choose so you can’t go wrong doing some digging and research on their website.

We have chosen three interesting laser engraver models and will take a closer look at them. But all of them are of course getting all the benefits of Gearberry e-shop perks. Including free shipping, local warehouses for more convenient deliveries and 7-day refund & 30-day exchanges policies.

LONGER Laser B1 20W

laser engraver machines

Lets start with the LONGER Laser B1 20W, using quad-core laser tech and being one of the most powerful diode lasers in the market. It is strong enough to cut cleanly 15mm of pine wood, 8mm of black acrylic or even 0.05mm stainless steel in just one go. And with multiple passes you can cut 25mm wood board or 35mm black acrylic as well. Big working area of 450 x 440 mm is yet another plus of the machine.

New 32-bit motherboard also brings great 30.000 mm/min engraving speed. And TMC2209 silent driver effectively cuts on the operating noise. Another highlight is the air-assist system, which can be turned on/off automatically.  Like eight major safety protections, XY axis limit switch, sturdy metal frame, focus bar for the laser module, laser lens protection and much more. You even get access to multicolor engraving. And with the coupon GB20OFF it can be yours for just $779.

Ortur Laser Master 3

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Another fron tthe laser engraver machines is Ortur Laser Master 3 sporting the upgraded 10W laser module, integrated air assist and laser’s focusing spot area is only 1/3 that of previous common laser. It is powerful enough to cut through 10mm pine board with only one pass and even 30mm thick black acrylics. And with speeds up to 20.000mm/min you will be working really blazing fast.

The laser engraver is more user friendly as well with built-in web UI, no driver & software needed or direct engraving of photos without the need to convert to static map into Gcode. Seven major security guarantees are taking care of your safety as well. Like the panoramic filter shield, that can filter 97% of UV rays for your eye protection. And this machine can be yours using the discount coupon GB20OFF for just $529.


Last, but not least we have the ATOMSTACK S20 Pro model.  Its laser cuts faster and deeper than other lasers on the market, bringing 20W optical power and 130W electrical power. With it you can cut through wood depth up to 25mm ot acrylic up to 30mm. Eventually even through 0.05mm stainless steel plate. You are really getting the maximum commercial power and super high efficiency all together.

And the machine can deliver not just fast and clean cutting, but also high precision high contrast engraving. With the compressed spot technology the spot size is down to just super fine 0.08mm x 0.1 mm. You don’t need to buy air assist accessories either, because A20 Pro has a built-in F30 Pro upgraded air assist with an adjustable knob. Thanks to the discount coupon GB20OFF the price also falls down to just fantastic $689.

So which one will be your choice to get ? All three are looking very appealing so choose well according to your preferences. You can always also check other stuff on the Gearberry website, because you never know if something is not there just for you.

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