YouTube Introduces New Features: Dark Mode, Playback Controls, and Improved Quality for Windows 11/10

YouTube Update for Windows

YouTube is making several updates to its service, which are being implemented on their servers. These updates introduce a couple of small improvements. They include the addition of two new buttons that allow users to skip forward or backward while watching a video. Other changes include the introduction of dark mode support for search suggestions, as well as enabling higher bitrate (1080p Premium) for a wider range of devices and regions.

New Features, Availability and Supported Devices of the New YouTube Features for Windows

YouTube Update for Windows

The company is currently rolling out the updates to and the YouTube web app on Microsoft Edge and Chrome browsers for Windows 10 and 11. In the screenshot, you can see that Google has introduced two new buttons, labeled “back” and “forward.” These buttons enable users to skip forward or backward by 10 seconds while watching a video.

The inclusion of back and forward buttons provides users with a simple and convenient method to navigate within a video. These buttons allow you to easily skip forward or backward by 10 seconds, giving you more control over your video playback. This feature proves particularly helpful when you want to rewatch or revisit specific sections of a video.

Currently, you can already use the keyboard arrow keys to fast forward or rewind videos by five seconds. Additionally, if you’re using a touch-enabled device, you have the option to double-tap on the left or right side of the video to skip backward or forward. These existing features provide alternative methods to navigate through videos based on your preferred input method.

Dark Mode is Improved in YouTube App for Windows YouTube Update for Windows

Google has recently implemented a small update on its servers that affects the suggestions shown in the search box. This update ensures that the search box’s suggestions align with the theme of the user’s device. Previously, the search box did not support dark mode. Thankfully, this functionality is now being made available to all users as it is gradually rolling out.

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YouTube Introduces Higher Bitrate for Premium 1080p Videos YouTube Update for Windows

Google has begun the process of introducing its new premium tier for YouTube. This offers higher bitrate support for an enhanced viewing experience on Windows. This feature is specifically available to premium subscribers. It focuses on improving the quality of 1080p videos by increasing their bitrate. By doing so, users can expect better video quality when streaming content in 1080p resolution.

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Previously, YouTube limited higher bitrate feature for 1080p videos to iOS users and specific regions. However, with the recent updates, YouTube has expanded the availability of the ‘1080p Premium’ option to include all regions and configurations. This means that users can now enjoy the enhanced video quality of the higher bitrate feature on when accessing it through Windows 10 or 11.

If you do not have a YouTube Premium subscription, you will still see the option to select 1080p resolution for videos that support it. However, when you click on the 1080p button, a pop-up message will appear, prompting you to subscribe to YouTube Premium. This indicates that the higher quality option is exclusive to premium subscribers. Hence, non-subscribers will need to upgrade their account to access it.

The newly introduced ‘1080p Premium Enhanced Bitrate’ option is available for videos that have a maximum resolution of 1080p. But it does not appear for 4K videos. It’s worth noting that the new premium feature may not be overly exciting, but it does aim to enhance the viewing experience. This is particularly relevant because Google had previously reduced the quality of 1080p videos. By utilizing this premium option, users can expect improved video quality for 1080p content.

A YouTube Staff Member Confirms the Updates

According to a YouTube staff member who provided information to Windows Latest, the updates mentioned earlier have been confirmed. Additionally, the staff member mentioned that the company has initiated the rollout of the feature to additional regions during this month. This indicates that YouTube is actively expanding the availability of the mentioned updates to reach a wider user base.

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