Mid-Year Sale – Unlock Your Creative Potential with LONGER Laser Engravers


Looking for the perfect new laser engraver to buy ? Do you want to unleash your creativity at home with the right machine ? Then you should definitely check the Mid-year sale of the LONGER brand. Up until July 24th there are numerous laser engracers on sale and the price cuts can be quite significant. So let’s take a closer look at four such discounted LONGER laser engravers.


LONGER RAY5 10W is a quite powerful model, that can really put some work in. For starters the 10W laser module with 50mm longest focal with dual beam technology can cut stuff like 20mm solid wood or 30mm acrylic. And with 0.06*0.06mm ultra-fine compression spot your engraving will be more precice than ever with less burn marks. New ESP32 chipset and anti-shake engraving tech are another great perks to have too. And with large 400 x 400 mm engraving area you can unleash your creativity fully.

The machine is also super safe with numerous security guarantees. Like the flame detector & buzzer alarm, fireproof acrylic cover, tile shift protection and motionless protection. LONGER RAY5 10W is also a first laser engraver with built-in touchscreen and the 3.5″ display will come handy for offline operations. But it’s also compatible with all the mature software carving platforms like LaserGRBL or Lightburn too.

The promo price for LONGER RAY5 10W drops to just $359.99, which is a nice cut from the original $529.99. Quite a solid discount i would say.


The advanced Ray5 20W is equipped with a new 20W powerful laser output power and 120W electric power. Providing deeper cutting at one time, smoother engraving with high power at high speed and wider cutting and engraving materials. It can cut 0.59″/15mm pine wood and 0.31″/8mm acrylic in one pass. Even cutting 0.002″/0.05mm stainless steel with ease.

And with the latest compressed laser technology, the laser spot is as tiny as 0.08*0.1mm². Thus engraving thinner lines, clearer texture, more delicate and beautiful artworks. And air-assisted interface is reserved as well, which can be easily matched with various air pumps, more clean surfaces. The 20W high-energy laser beam also nstantly oxidizes the metal surface. Thus enabling multi-color engraving bringing rich colors to fulfill your colorful creative needs.

This machine also gets a nice price cut, from the original levels of $999.99 to just $659.99. Once again very nice discount for such a powerful laser engraver,

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LONGER Laser B1 30W


LONGER Laser B1 of course right away flaunts the laser power. With the 33-36W six-core diode laser it can cut through 25mm of wood, 50mm black acrylic or even 0.1 mm stainless steel. And the highly concentrated beam benefits from the longer 50mm focal length and can deliver perfect precision engraving. That is even more enhanced by the smart air-assist system. And you can enjoy multi-color engraving with oxidizing the metal surfaces to 300+ various colors.

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Thanks to the bigger working frame you will also have access to massive 450 x 440mm working area, meeting demands of A3 sizes as well.The new 32-bit motherboard guarantees engraving speed up to 36.000mm/min and the TMC2009 silent drivers will let you work in peace and quiet on more than 1000+ supported materials. LONGER Laser B1 comes with a sturdy metal frame, focus positioning bar, XY-axis limit switches and eight major safety protections for your convenience. It is also compatibvle various mature carving softwares like LaserGRBL or Lightburn and offer multiple transfer options.

Top of the line means the highest price of the quartet, but the promo discount can certainly help. So we are going down from $1399.99 to much more palatable level of $999.99.

LONGER Laser B1 20W


It has the pretty powerful 20W optical output of its laser beam, using quad-core laser tech and being one of the most powerful diode lasers in the market. It is strong enough to cut cleanly 15mm of pine wood, 8mm of black acrylic or even 0.05mm stainless steel in just one go. And with multiple passes you can cut 25mm wood board or 35mm black acrylic as well. Big working area of 450 x 440 mm is yet another plus of the machine. Because it fits most of the needs and enables working even with A3 sizes.

New 32-bit motherboard also brings great 30.000 mm/min engraving speed. And TMC2209 silent driver effectively cuts on the operating noise. Another highlight is the air-assist system, which can be turned on/off automatically. But LONGER Laser B1 20W is really stacked with features and perks all the way. Like eight major safety protections, XY axis limit switch, sturdy metal frame, focus bar for the laser module, laser lens protection and much more. You even get access to multicolor engraving. And with strong software support the options are literally endless.

Last, but not least comes the LONGER Laser B1 20W and the price won’t disappoint as well. We are getting final price of just $799.99, down from the original $1099.99. So which one is going to be ?

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