Sonos Move 2 Arrives In September With Enhanced Audio and Battery Life

Sonos Move 2

Sonos Move has had an astounding level of success. The wireless speaker offers almost everything that music lovers desire in a Bluetooth speaker. It’s portable, comes with a robust driver configuration, offers, and boasts a reliable battery inside. But the speaker is about three years old now. Therefore, it’s about time for Sonos Move 2 to be released.

Well, Sonos is readying up for releasing the next generation of its Move wireless speaker. And even though many thought it’d be called Sonos Move (2nd generation), it’ll actually be named Sonos Move 2 to keep things simple. The most important part is that Sonos will offer tons of improvements, making it a proper success.

Sonos Move 2 Will Switch to True Stereo Playback

In my opinion, one of the things that held Sonos Move back was its mono audio output. And after experiencing 3-way sound output from the Halo 200 wireless speaker, I can’t really switch back to mono audio output again. Fortunately, the Sonos Move 2 no longer features mono audio output! It’ll come with true stereo playback.

Sonos has incorporated dual-angled tweeters into Move 2. In comparison, the original Sonos Move had one tweeter. So, the audio output from the upcoming speaker will have a more immersive trait to it. And, of course, like before, the new wireless speaker features a dedicated woofer.

That woofer will handle all the bass frequencies. More importantly, the Sonos Move 2 will pack Automatic Trueplay. This technology optimizes the sound output by considering the placement of the speaker. Thanks to that, you’ll have a finely tuned audio output regardless of where you place the portable speaker.

Sonos Move Charging

Massive Battery Life Gains

The first-gen Sonos Move could offer up to 10 hours of runtime with a single charge. While 10 hours is plenty, you would still find yourself recharging it after playing it throughout the day. Well, the Sonos Move 2 makes a significant upgrade in this regard. It’ll pack a larger battery to offer up to 24 hours of playback.

Like the current gen Move, the Move 2’s battery will be replaceable. That means you’ll be able to quickly change the battery when it fails to hold the charge after extended use. And Sonos has tweaked the power system to ensure that the speaker consumes considerably less power when idle. This will enhance the lifespan of the battery.

The charging system of the Sonos Move 2 has also seen an upgrade. On the original Move, the charging station had a hard-wired connection. But for the new speaker, you’ll get a detachable power adapter. This feature enhances the portability factor of the wireless speaker.

Controls of Sonos Move

Tweaked Controls on Sonos Move 2

Sonos has tweaked the controls of the Move 2. The configuration will be similar to the Era 100 and 300 speakers that Sonos recently launched. So, you should be able to easily control the playback according to your requirements.

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The speaker also has support for multiple voice assistants. That includes Amazon Alexa and Sonos Voice Control. With these, you can control the playback with simple voice commands. Although, Google Assistant is still waiting to make a debut on the Sonos Move speakers.

Don’t want to use the voice assistants? The good part is that you can disable the voice controls with a switch on the back.

Sonos Speakers

Connectivity Options

Like the Sonos Roam, the Sonos Move 2 can play Bluetooth audio across the rest of your Sonos setup. The original Sonos Move didn’t have this feature, as it could not use Bluetooth and WiFi at the same time. So, if you already have other WiFi-compatible Sonos speakers, you can get a proper multi-room setup with the Move 2.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, Sonos has integrated the latest technologies. The Move 2 has WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, which should offer you stable and cutout-free wireless audio.

In addition, Move 2 has support for line-in audio. But it requires you to purchase an additional adapter. The adapter basically lets you play audio through the USB-C port. There’s no dedicated 3.5mm jack on the speaker.

Power Sharing on Sonos Move 2

Sonos has paid a good level of attention to the smaller details. For example, the Move 2 comes with the ability to charge mobile phones and other small devices. I loved this power passthrough feature through USB on the Tronsmart Halo 200.

And considering how common the feature has been in wireless speakers, it was a must-have feature for the Move 2. Also, as the speaker already comes with a large-sized battery, you can easily use it as a reliable power bank when you are outdoors.

Sonos Move IP Rating

Other Features, Color Options, and Pricing

Like the original, the Sonos Move 2 has IP56 dust and water resistance. Thanks to this, you can safely use it in outdoor conditions. Also, Sonos has utilized shock-absorbent materials to give the speaker additional protection. It should withstand a couple of accidental drops and tumbles without any issues.

When it comes to color options, you’ll have three options: white, black, and a new olive option. Sonos will release the Move 2 at $499 in the United States, a $50 increase from the MSRP of Sonos Move. But considering how many upgrades it brings to the table, the $50 price is well worth it, according to me.

Sonos will release the speaker to the market in late September, which is not far from now. So, if you’re planning to get a portable wireless speaker, you should wait a bit more.

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