Xiaomi Pad 6 Max will launch the “Free Workbench” function

Xiaomi Pad 6 Max

Chinese brand, Xiaomi, has officially confirmed that it will launch its new tablet on August 14th 2023. Today, the company released a new poster which reveals some of the features of this device. The poster reveals that the Pad 6 Max will support Xiaomi Free Workbench, WPS Office PC for Pad app, and the new smart touch keyboard. The company reveals that with the WPS Office PC for Pad app, Xiaomi Pad 6 Max achieves “high efficiency comparable to the computer version of WPS”.

From the official poster, office apps such as PPT, Excel, and Word can all run on the Pad 6 Max. The poster also reveals that the Xiaomi Free Workbench will support four-window collaboration. The window size can be adjusted without switching back and forth. An official statement from the company reveals that this feature “can make PPT, check info at the same time; read documents and reply emails at the same time.”

Xiaomi Pad 6 Max
The official poster reveals parts of the Pad 6 Max

Introducing the “Xiaomi Free Workbench” Function

The Xiaomi Free Workbench is a productivity tool and an easy workflow for users. The “Free Workbench” function offers a workspace where users can custom and organize their apps and files. Within the space, users can have all apps and files just the way they want them. Some of the features include

Custom App Layout

With the “Free Workbench” function, users have the freedom to arrange their apps in a way that suits their workflow. They can create multiple app windows, resize them, and position them anywhere on the screen. This allows for efficient multitasking and easy access to frequently used apps.

File Management Made Easy

The Xiaomi Pad 6 Max will also simplify file management with the “Free Workbench” function. Users can easily organize their files and folders, making it easy to locate and access important documents. The tablet provides a user – friendly interface for file browsing. It also offers various options for file organization, such as creating folders, renaming files, and moving files between folders.

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Xiaomi Pad 6 Max

Productivity Tools at Your Fingertips

The “Free Workbench” function on the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max includes a range of productivity tools. These tools can enhance work efficiency. Users can access tools like note – taking apps, calendar apps, and task management apps directly from the workbench. This removes the need to switch between different apps. It also allows for a seamless and very easy workflow.

Benefits of the “Free Workbench” Function

The “Free Workbench” function on the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max offers several benefits for users:

1. Improved Productivity: The custom workspace and easy access to productivity tools enable users to work more efficiently and effectively.

2. Streamlined Workflow: With the ability to arrange apps and files according to personal preferences, users can create a workflow that suits their needs, resulting in a smoother and more organized work process.

3. Enhanced Multitasking: The “Free Workbench” function allows for multitasking by enabling users to have multiple app windows open at the same time. This makes it easier to switch between different tasks and applications.

4. Simplified File Management: The file management feature of the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max makes it easy to organize and locate files, saving users time and effort.

Final Words

The Xiaomi Pad 6 Max with its “Free Workbench” function will be a powerful and versatile tablet. The device aims to enhance productivity and provide users with a seamless work experience. With its custom workspace, easy file management, and access to productivity tools, the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max is a device that can improve workflow efficiency. Whether you are a professional, student, or casual user, the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max promises to cater to users’ needs. At the launch of the device, the company will reveal more about the Free Workbench feature.

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