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In July 2023, AnTuTu, the renowned platform for evaluating mobile device performance, unveiled the most powerful iOS and iPadOS devices. For those seeking to gauge the capabilities of their smartphones and tablets, AnTuTu offers valuable insights.

Unveiling the Dominant iOS and iPadOS Devices on AnTuTu

Topping the charts is the iPad Pro 6, armed with the mighty M2 processor. With a commanding score of 1,389,538 points, it reigns as Apple‘s most potent tablet on AnTuTu. Following closely behind is the 11-inch model, also equipped with the M2 processor, boasting an impressive tally of 1,279,375 points.

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Claiming the third position on the podium is the iPad Pro 5, featuring the M1 processor, with a commendable score of 1,199,048 points. Not far behind is its 11-inch counterpart, recording a respectable 1,148,391 points. The iPad Air, harnessing the M1 processor, secures the fifth spot with a commendable 1,100,084 points.

Shifting focus to the iPhones, the iPhone 14 Pro emerges as Apple’s most potent smartphone on AnTuTu. Armed with the formidable A16 Bionic processor, it garners an impressive score of 935,157 points. Its sibling, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, trails closely behind, amassing 930,994 points.

Towards the lower end of the ranking, we find the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with a commendable 840,483 points. The iPhone 13 Pro follows suit with a tally of 828,496 points. Wrapping up the top ten is the iPhone 14, scoring 811,658 points. Notably, these three models are outfitted with the A15 Bionic processor.

These rankings signify significant shifts compared to the previous month on AnTuTu. Also, notably, the performance score of the iPhone 14, armed with the A15 Bionic processor, surpassed that of the iPad Pro 3, leading to its exclusion from the list.

It is crucial to note that the data encompasses the period from July 1 to July 31, 2023, providing an average score based on the devices tested on the AnTuTu platform. As technology continues to evolve, AnTuTu remains an essential tool for discerning users seeking to assess the performance capabilities of their coveted mobile devices.

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