Tronsmart Bang Max Review – Get ready for madness

The Breakdown

Even if you're not a party maniac, the Tronsmart Bang Max can be a nice piece of equipment in your office or home, playing soft and relaxing music. Either way, everyone you show it to will certainly hold their breath at first sight, as well as at first sound.
Sound quality
Build quality
Value for money

Tronsmart Bang Max may sound unusual, but the name perfectly captures the essence of this impressive gadget. Tronsmart is a well-known name in the Bluetooth speakers world, and what is more important, their products are affordable, without compromising the quality.

We’ve already tested other Tronsmart Bluetooth speakers in the Reviews section, but Bang Max is the flagship. It offers an output power of 130W, which is more than you can handle in your apartment if you want to be a nice neighbor. Otherwise, shake them up, and wait for the police to tell you that your party is over.

Tronsmart Bang Max

Tronsmart Bang Max can seamlessly blend into your home decor if you adhere to the rules of good neighborly conduct. For instance, adjust the volume to half its maximum power. But, when you take it outside, it turns into a party beast. What’s more important, if your party on the beach lasts more than you expected, don’t worry. Tronsmart Bang Max battery can handle an impressive 24 hours on a single charge.

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You can buy it from Amazon UK

Buy it from Tronsmart website

Tronsmart Bang Max Specifications

Model Bang Max
Color Black
Bluetooth Version 5.
Audio Codec SBC
Bluetooth Compatibility A2DP/AVRCP
Transmission Distance 18m/59ft
Frequency Range 60Hz-20KHz
Playtime(Varied by Light Display, Volume Level & Audio Contents) LED Off: Up to 24 Hours(On a 50% Volume)
Karaoke: Up to 10 Hours(On a 60% Volume)
Battery Capacity 18000mAh(11.1V/6000mAh)
Power Input DC 15V-2A
Output Power 130W
IP Rating IPX6
Charging Time 5 Hours
Frequency Band 2402-2480MHz
Maximum Transmit Power Bluetooth: 0.8dBm Bluetooth LE: -0.29dBm

Tronsmart Bang Max design and handling

The form factor of this Bluetooth speaker reminds me of cassette players from the 80s. Not because of its design. The design itself is in harmony with the current era, but the way it’s constructed teases you to carry it on your shoulder and get out to the streets. Of course, this handle is needed for transportation and has an overall weight of 6 kg.

To be honest, it’s a little bit heavy for my taste, but if you need true power and like to take advantage of its great battery life, you can handle these six kilograms with minimum effort.

Tronsmart Bang Max

Oh, the light show. The speaker is equipped with a light show on the sides, with vibrant colors changing all the time you play the music. It’s really eye-catchy, and can spice up your party on the beach, park, or wherever you want to play the music loud.

Water resistance is an essential feature of such devices. Not only in terms of beach parting but also at home. Just try to recall all your parties in the past, when someone accidentally spills drinks and makes damage. For that purpose, the Tronsmart Bang Max comes with an IPX6 certificate.

Tronsmart Bang Max connectivity and on-body controls

Apart from Bluetooth, this speaker can be connected to other devices with cables, through a variety of jacks and connectors. You have a 3.5mm audio jack which enters the AUX-in mode. There is also a TF (microSD) memory card slot, as well as a USB-A port if you want to play music directly, without using the Bluetooth connection.

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On the back, there are two Mic ports, where one of them can be used for plugging the guitar. Well, if you are more familiar with the music, you can impress your friends with your hard rock repertoire. You can even sing through the karaoke mode, of course, when nobody’s around. There’s also a DC connector because no matter how long the battery lasts, you will have to charge the speaker before living la vida loca. These jacks and ports are protected with a well-built gasket. Just don’t forget to put it back into place before you take your  Tronsmart Bang Max to the beach.

On the front side, we have regular controls like the power button, BT pairing button, volume controls, next track button, Stereo pairing, Pulse equalizer, TrueConn, and Echo buttons. Everything else you want to do with the device is accessible through the app.

The Tronsmart mobile app

Tronsmart Bang Max

Even though you can play music and control most functions solely from the paired phone, there is an app in Google Play and App Store. The pairing to my Samsung phone was easy, even before I installed the app.

When you do install it, you get many other functions, like equalizer. There is also preset mode like Deep Bass, Classical, and „SoundPulse“ option which activates increased basses without any distortion. This can be very pleasurable, depending on your music taste.

There are also basic controls, just like those on the device itself, but if you’re in a crowded room or on the beach, it’s way easier to manage it on your phone.

Tronsmart Bang Max experience

Nowadays, many people start the track on YouTube or Spotify and play it on any kind of Bluetooth speaker, so they’re often disappointed. Well, in that case, don’t blame the speaker. It’s your phone. Namely, I tried playing the same YouTube track on my Samsung Galaxy Z Zold 4, and Redmi Note 12 Pro. The results were pretty different. Samsung reproduced the song way better than Redmi, and the reason for that is the quality of the sound chip on the phones.

Also, you must keep in mind that not all YouTube tracks use the same codec. What’s more important, there are many songs with old codecs and poor bitrates. Those can affect the reproduction and quality of your music. This may not be noticeable on the phone, but when you reproduce the music to the speaker like Tronsmart Bang Max, you realize that it actually matters.

Tronsmart Bang Max

Of course, when you play the music in your home, at low volume, you’re fine. But if you’re a party beast, you should consider downloading the original music file with the latest codecs. That guarantees the quality much more than streaming. In the end, it would be best if you use your music on the SD card, and simply put it into the slot. You can also use your USB memory stick. Yet, in that case, you can compromise water resistance due to the size of the stick.


The Tronsmart Bang Max is really impressive Bluetooth speaker. In fact, it’s one of the best I’ve ever tested, especially when you consider its under $200 retail price. For affordable, you get great sound, an eye-catching light show, and very good sound quality. Also, a wild 130W of output power is an essential feature, as well as water resistance. The latter can be crucial if you party on the beach.

Tronsmart Bang Max

Of course, if I had to describe the Tronsmart Bang Max with one word, it would be – Madness. The loudness of the speaker is mad. It can even be compared to the sound system of my car. Well, not exactly, but would you park your car on the beach to play the music? Maybe you would, but it’s safer to party with a Bluetooth speaker like this.

Even if you’re not a party maniac, the Tronsmart Bang Max can be a nice piece of equipment in your office or home, playing soft and relaxing music. Either way, everyone you show it to will certainly hold their breath at first sight, as well as at first sound.


  • Value for money
  • Output power
  • Water resistance
  • Karaoke mic and Guitar input


  • A little bit heavy


Buy it from Amazon US

You can buy it from Amazon UK

Buy it from Tronsmart website


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