ugee’s Redefinition Shines Bright with the UE12 Plus Drawing Monitor: Every Hue Covered, Every Color Revealed

UE12 Plus
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ugee, a pioneer in the sphere of digital arts, has once again sparkled a creative whirlwind with the grand unveiling of yet another latest magnum opus: the UE12 Plus Drawing Monitor. With an unwavering dedication to showcasing brilliance, seizing precision and smoothening artistic expression, ugee has reelevated the benchmark by rendering artists with a new canvas. That effortlessly captures every hue and seamlessly unveil each color in all its resplendent glory. Promising an authentically immersive and transformative immersion.

At the core of the UE12 Plus Drawing Monitor resides an awe-inspiring display, that surpasses all preconceived notions. With its capacity for up to 147%sRGB color gamut, the UE12 Plus presents a visual extravaganza, that breathes life into images with unparalleled vibrancy and authenticity. This enhancement unfurls novel horizons for artists. Summoning artists to authentically reproduce every stroke of color and present every detail with finesse. And also creating stunning masterpieces effortlessly, that radiates opulence and captivation.

UE12 Plus

Big screen with new stylus

Equipped with a 11.9-inch full-laminated screen, the UE12 PLUS achieves ultimate precision in every stroke, as the pen tip and cursor align flawlessly without any visual discrepancies. Whether artists are sketching intricate lines, blending vibrant colors, or perfecting minute details, the UE12 Plus’s serves as a seamless extension of their imagination. Faithfully translating their visionary concepts into digital reality.

You can also discover the new generation of the EMR stylus. Sporting an impressive 16k levels pressure sensibility and a tilt function of 60Ā°, the included stylus ushers in a drawing experience that mirrors the responsiveness of traditional tools. Simulating the tactile sensation reminiscent of wielding your paintbrush on an easel-propped board. The synergy between the stylus and the display captures even the subtlest variations in pressure. Beestowing artists with unmatched precision and authenticity to channel their creativity, from the lightest strokes to the most pronounced lines. And resulting in artwork that echoes the artist’s emotions, from tender whispers to resounding declarations.

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Precise and fully compatible

Want to enhance the precision of adjusting your drawing tools ? The specially designed scroll wheel allows for precise adjustments as you effortlessly scroll it. With each scroll, you can easily control the brush size and color depth for better detailed drawing. Plus, the assistance of 8 ergonomically placed shortcut keys grant swift access to frequently used functions. While also streamlining the creative process. ugee recognizes the intrinsic value of every creative moment. AndĀ  all these keys are designed to safeguard invaluable time. Allowing artists to wholeheartedly focus on their creative process without disruptive intermissions. Moreover, the scroll wheel is ingeniously curved, yielding a comfortable and elegant touch beneath your fingertips. Empowering artists to navigate more efficiently and intuitively through blind operation.

Beyond its exceptional visuals and tactus, the UE12 Plus places a premium on compatibility. Whether you’re an ardent Windows devotee, a fervent MAC OS enthusiast, a passionate Android aficionado, or a discerning Chrome connoisseur, this monitor seamlessly integrates with your preferred operating system. Unlock your artistic prowess in drawing and design software like Photoshop, Sai, Illustrator, ibis Paint and many others. It also boasts the seamless mode-switching from monitor to tablet. Upon successful connection, you can draw directly on the screen. While the display stays off, the monitor immediately transforms into a tablet. Bestowing you the vibrant experience to explore more, create more, and achieve more.

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Made for all the creative souls among us

The UE12 Plus Drawing Monitor represents ugeeā€™s unwavering commitment to empowering artists and the cutting-edge aesthetics. ugee’s ethos revolves around crafting tools that enhance creativity rather than impede it. The combination of sharp, straight lines on the base and smooth, rounded edges on the screen creates an enchanting blend of innovation and elegance. ugee’s dedication to delivering a canvas that captures the spectrum of hues and reveals the essence of colors. Which ensures, that artists can materialize their visions with unparalleled accuracy. With the UE12 Plus, every shade you conceived is vibrantly emerged, ushering each of your creative inspiration presents life-likeness.

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