Google Pixel 8 Pro Tops Display Rankings

Google Pixel 8 Display Test

Last week, Google debuted the Pixel 8 series with style. Powered by the new Tensor G3 chipset, the Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 bring many improvements. With the new devices, Google introduced the Actua display, which has just achieved the best display title in a new ranking.

To be exact, the Google Pixel 8 Pro with Super Actua display now has the #1 spot in DXOMARK’s display rankings. The regular Pixel 8, with the Actua display, achieves a similar score on the ranking. That means you will be set to get an enhanced viewing experience regardless of which device you pick from the series.

How Does DXOMARK Scores the Smartphone Displays

Similar to other devices tested by DXOMARK, the outlet put the Google Pixel 8 up against six different criteria. And if you were to get a better idea about the DXOMARK’s ranking, you need to have a fair idea about each of these criteria.

Among the criteria, there’s readability. This test determines how easy and comfortable it is to read the content on the screen under different real-life conditions. Then, the outlet tests the color production capability. It determines the capacity of the smartphones to accurately reproduce colors.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Screen

Next, the test includes a video test. This test evaluates how the smartphones handle the standard dynamic range (SDR) and high dynamic range (HDR10) videos. Then, there’s the motion test. It sees how well the phones handle dynamic content. Also, the phones go through a touch test, where DXOMARK determines the accuracy, smoothness, and response time.

Lastly, smartphones need to pass the artifacts test. Here, the outlet checks the display’s performance, motion flaws, and image rendering capabilities. It also measures the reflectance and the presence of flicker. And Google Pixel 8 phones passed through all of these criteria with flying colors.

A Closer Look at the Display Score of Google Pixel 8

Among all the criteria, the Google Pixel 8 phones got high scores in every one of them. The lowest score for the devices is in the artifact category, which is at 122. The top-rated phone in the artifact category is the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2, which achieves a score of 161.

Google Pixel 8 Display Ranking

However, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 fails to beat the Google Pixel 8 devices in terms of color and readability. To be precise, the new Google phones achieved 162 and 164 points in each of those criteria.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Display Ranking

Even though both the Google Pixel 8 devices got impressive scores, the spotlight is on the Pixel 8 Pro. DXOMARK points out that the Pro features a remarkable brightness of 2100 nits at a 20% average picture level. It outperformed the iPhone 15 Pro Max in different conditions, which includes direct sunlight.

Moreover, DXOMARK says that the Google Pixel 8 Pro can better handle the brightness in low-light settings. It even excels in offering accurate and vibrant color rendering, which greatly enhances the viewing experience.

Current Display Ranking

For those wondering, the leaderboard of DXOMARK’s display category currently has the Google Pixel 8 devices and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 at the top two positions. Google’s latest phones got an overall score of 154, while the Z Fold 5 achieved an overall score of 152.

Current Display Ranking

In terms of order, the Google Pixel 8 devices have the 1st and 2nd position, while the Z Fold 5 bears the 3rd. These devices are followed by the Google Pixel Fold and Honor Magic5 Pro. These two devices got an overall score of 151, positioning them in 4th and 5th on the leaderboard.

The recently released iPhone 15 Pro Max holds the 6th position with an overall score of 149. It shares the same overall score with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and Galaxy Z Filp5.

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