Meet xTool S1, the world’s first 40W enclosed diode laser engraver

xTool S1

Laser engravers are catching up in popularity to 3D printers for quite a while and for a reason. The machines are quite versatile and not just fancy engraving, but also precision cutting of various materials. Just like 3D printers it can be quite daunting to set it up and manage all the safety demands. But companies are constantly moving in the right direction in this regard as well, making it more accessible and safer. And a prime example of that is the newly launching xTool S1.

The xTool brand has identified, that users quite often buy external covers for open-frame models of laser engravers. After all, the constant need to wear protective eyewear can be quite a nuisance. Enclosed design fixes that, but often comes with a steep price tag and some compromises. So is there a middle ground ? Apparently so, because after a year of intensive R&D they are now ready to release a high-wattage enclosed laser engraver and cutter with still a fairly affordable pricing. Let’s take a look at the new xTool S1 in greater detail.

xTool S1

Safety always first with xTool S1

And xTool S1 really takes safety seriously. It is the first Class-1 safety certification enlosed 40W diode laser machine and you can fully operate it without wearing protective goggles. Fully enclosed fire resistant shell design ensures no laser leakage and large high transparency cover guarantees eye-friendly qualities. Even with dual-wavelength filtering (diode laser and 1064nm infrared laser). The device also includes a powerful smoke exhaust system that quickly discharges harmful gases. However, that’s just the beginning ofĀ the safety features. It also offers omni-directional flame detection, open-lid emergency stop functionality, tilt/impact detection, and an emergency stop button.

xTool S1

High power and versatility

Engraving and cutting power is never in question either thanks to the 40W power, thanks to eight compressed 5.5W lasers. And with such laser you can easily cut even up to 18mm thick solid wood. The most advanced beam compression tech also brings very refined engraving results. Stable speed of 600mm/s is quite efficient as well, especially for an enclosed solution. The 1064nm laser module is easily interchangeable so you quickly switch just to the one you need for the current project. There is also a more budget-friendly 20W laser version of the machine.

xTool S1

Twin-point positioning tech

The new Twin-point Positioning method enjoys the same positioning accuracy and simplicity as the camera. On the xTool S1, a new type of encoder combined with an algorithm forms a coordinate-system-like precision for the entire scene layout, which is intuitively displayed within the software, showing the real-time position of the laser module. So we are getting fully enhanced engraving precision combined with user-friendly visualization, instantly mirrored within the software. Not to mention the curved surface engraving support.

Full-scene autofocus system

The S1 also boasts Dynamic-Focus Engraving and features an advanced Intelligent Focus System. This system enables multi-point high-precision ranging and automated 3D object modeling. Additionally, the motorized Z-axis dynamically adjusts focus in real-time during processing to ensure meticulous precision. As a result, you can achieve a flawless engraving effect, comparable to that on a flat surface.

Plenty of accessories to choose from

You can also customize xTool S1 with wide variety of accessories. For example, users outside EU and UK (due to stricter certifications) can get the Automatic Conveyor Feeder for large scale endevours. But that’s just scratching the surface, because there are plenty of others. Like Smart Air Assist, Riser Base for thicker and larger objject, RA2 Pro for cylinder engraving. Honeycomb, Fire Safety Set, Smoke Purifier or 1064nm laser module for all-metal engraving.

xTool S1 Launching today

xTool S1 is officially launching today, October 18th and you can watch the live stream on Youtube at 6:00pm (PDT). You can also subscribe on the official website and get $100 coupon. And the pricing of the device ? According to official sources, the 40W version should be up for grabs for $1.999 and 20W variant for $1.599.

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