Humane AI Pin Starts a New Era of Wearable AI Tech

Humane AI Pin debut

Originally showcased back in April of this year, Humane AI Pin has just made its official debut. It has one aim. That is, to answer the question, “What if you could attach your smartphone to your shirt, and what if it comes with AI?” That’s the essence of this innovative wearable product.

As the name suggests, the Humane AI Pin is a pin you can wear on your hoodie, shirt, blazer, or whatever you wear. And before you ask, Humane didn’t design it to blend with what you’re wearing. Instead, the design makes the device complement what you’re wearing yet stand out in a good way.

What Can Humane AI Pin Do?

So, Humane is planning to replace your smartphone by offering the AI Pin. When it comes to what it can do, the first thing is that it can take photos. It features a 13 MP camera, which can capture what you’re seeing. Humane will soon make it capable of taking videos.

You also get advanced image capture features. For example, the AI Pin has a feature that will let you “recall important memories.”

AI Photographer

But the Humane AI Pin isn’t all about capturing what you see. Instead, it’s also about being what your smartphone can do. It can send texts and comes packed with an AI virtual assistant based on OpenAI and Microsoft techs. The wearable device also comes with Bluetooth.

Thanks to that, you can choose not to rely on its “personic speaker” that can offer a “bubble of sound, offering both intimacy and volume as needed.” Instead, you can just connect a pair of wireless earbuds to it and get a more private audio-listening experience.

Humane AI Pin

Other than that, the Humane AI Pin has an AI Mic, letting you “speak to it naturally.” This AI Mic “supercharges search” and quickly finds what you’re looking for by contextualizing your query. Also, the device brings AI-powered messaging, which “can craft messages” in the tone of your voice.

The AI Pin even has a Catch Me Up function. As the name suggests, this feature lets you catch up with all the important things that you may have missed. Humane says that it “sorts through the noise in your inbox.”

Catch Me Up

Moreover, the Humane AI Pin brings an AI-powered audio experience. As Humane said, it will make your musical experiences “come to life through a partnership with Tidal.” The device can also act as a personal language interpreter.

Nutrional AI Suggestions AI Pin

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And the best part is you can make it act as a personal nutritional expert. The AI Pin can support your nutritional goals by utilizing its computer vision. It will identify the food you’re planning to eat and give you recommendations based on your goals.

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What Does the Device Run On? Will It Stay On All the Time?

Humane AI Pin boots on Cosmos OS. It’s Humane’s proprietary operating system that’s “for the AI era.” At the moment, it doesn’t have any app support. But the OS blends “intelligent technologies” with the highest security and intuitive interaction. It can quickly and efficiently understand what you need.

AI Pin

Once the AI Pin assesses what you’re looking for, it will connect you with the right AI experience. It can also quickly connect you to the service you’re looking for, making the device offer a better experience than your smartphone.

After hearing all these, you may be wondering what the battery performance of the Humane AI Pin is like. Well, in that case, you need to note that the device isn’t always listening to you. Instead, you need to tap and drag on it to enable the microphone and activate the voice input.

Interaction AI Pin

When the AI Pin gets the activation signal, the indicator light, or “Trust Light,” will blink. This will let you and others around you know that the device is collecting data and is ready to respond to your commands.

AI Pin Projector

Oh, yes, to make it easier for you to interact with the AI Pin, the device has a laser. It projects the stuff on your hand. Through this, the wearable is offering a makeshift solution to cover up its lack of a display.

Availability and Pricing Information of Humane AI Pin

The Humane AI Pin is available in three different colors. They are Lunar, Equinox, and Eclipse. When it comes to weight, the device is 34 grams and features a “battery booster” accessory. With that accessory attached, the whole setup weighs 54 grams.

Humane AI Pin Colors

These boosters can have magnetic connection mechanisms and can be hot-swapped. They wirelessly charge the device when attached.

When it comes to internals, all we know is that the Humane AI Pin is powered by a Snapdragon SoC. But it’s still unknown which exact CPU is powering the device.

Regarding pricing, the AI Pin is now available for US$699. That price gets you the device and two battery boosters. When you add a US$24 subscription to the purchase, you get a phone number and data that’s offered by T-Mobile. Pre-orders are starting on November 16, and Humane plans to shift them early next year.

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