Blackview has Launched the First SHARK Series Model — Blackview SHARK 8!


In the fast-paced internet era, visual content and performance experience are increasingly important to the progressive younger generation. They are no longer satisfied with simple texting and making calls. They need a smartphone, that can not only record the bits and pieces of their lives, but also satisfy their passion for creation. And of course can handle games smoothly. As an emerging tech brand, Blackview deeply understands this need and has launched its brand-new SHARK 8 series. It is designed for dynamic youths, who want to embrace life, bringing unprecedented mobile photography experience and powerful performance ! Whether it’s a mobile gamer, gaming streamer, vlogger or photography enthusiast, the SHARK series will be their best partner. Perfectly meeting the needs for high-quality photos, videos and CPU-intensive games . Freely capturing the beauty of youth, surpassing the speed of youth.

Recently, Blackview has introduced the first SHARK series model – Blackview SHARK 8 with ultra-fast and super-clear 64MP camera as well as top-tier performance backed by 6nm Helio G99. Powered by ArcSoft® 7.0 and equipped with 64 MP Rear Samsung® ISOCELL GW3 which provides Super PD technology, Blackview SHARK 8 brings faster autofocus speed, clearer and brighter scenes, and more vivid and true-to-life colors. On top of that, boasting the cutting-edge 6nm Helio G99 and the latest DokeOS 4.0 based on Android 13, SHARK 8 offers unmatched customizability and flexibility with unique applications, intuitive user interfaces, and smooth animations.

All-day Unparalleled Visual Experience with 2.4K 120Hz Display

3 Well-designed Colorways, 8.35mm Slim & 198.3g light, 120Hz Refresh Rate –  2x Smoother Scrolling ↑, Smart-K Box Speaker, 5000mAh Mega Battery  &  Up to 437 hrs of Standby,  33W Fast Charging  &  20% in 15 mins


One of the most anticipated highlights of Blackview SHARK 8 is its three new colors.  Galaxy blue, scorching gold, and moonlight grey. These vibrant and unique color schemes draw inspiration from the dazzling galaxies in the universe, the scorching sun in the desert and the shadows cast by moonlight. To boot, utilizing cutting-edge CNC technology to enhance precision, Blackview SHARK 8 is ultra-smooth. With just 8.35mm thickness,and 198.3g of weight. Its 6.78-inch 2.4K display ensures a comfortable streaming  experience, seamless gaming, and more-detailed route planning based on the map as well.

Additionally, 120Hz faster dynamic refresh rate results in smoother and more fluid motion on screens. Contributing to a more immersive, responsive, and enjoyable viewing or interactive experience.  Equipped with a built-in smart-K box speaker, Blackview SHARK 8 delivers the deepest bass and the most inspiring rhythms. Letting music hit your soul directly. Moreover, the 5000mAh battery offers an impressive standby time of up to 437 hours. And with 33W fast charging users don’t need to worry about slow charging issues, since SHARK 8 can be fully charged in just 78 minutes.

Super PD, Super-fast, Super-clarity, Sophisticated Aesthetic for Every Stunning Shot

64 MP Rear Samsung® ISOCELL GW3, Super PD for Faster Autofocus Speed, Backed by Blackview ArcSoft® 7.0 Algorithms,15% Upgrade↑,  13 MP Front Samsung® ISOCELL 3L6, Tetrapixel Technology



Blackview SHARK 8 comes with Samsung’s most advanced Super PD, that compares the phase detect tech at two different points to focus the subject. And is engineered to capture images and videos with remarkable clarity and speed like never before. With Super PD’s higher contrast and rapid focusing, SHARK 8 allows users to capture decisive moments in both indoor and outdoor conditions. In bright daylight, the 64 MP Rear Samsung® ISOCELL GW3 can precisely lock onto swaying trees, rippling waves, and fluttering sparrows hundreds of meters away.

Even in low light conditions, users can get sharp photos of pedestrians, traffic, or architecture under the soft moonlight. Tailor-made for young users, SHARK 8 vividly presents every fleeting moment in the lens. Whether for rock climbing, skiing, or skydiving, every selfie and photo taken while exercising is sharp, in focus, and full of youthful energy. The autofocus just ensures ideal visual brilliance. From the world-famous Grand Canyon, the majestic Niagara Falls to the rolling Rocky Mountains, every picture taken by users is filled with creativity and artistic flair. All thanks to SHARK 8’s 64 MP Camera with Super PD.

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13 MP Front Samsung® ISOCELL 3L6, Tetrapixel Technology

In addition, Samsung’s built-in Tetrapixel technology automatically adjusts pixels according to the light intensity. As a result, users can enjoy the clarity of smaller pixels in bright conditions and capture more light in dark. Furthermore, the Smart-ISO technology perfectly balances the brightness in any environment. Instead of being a photographer, users can produce more vivid and detailed images when shooting with Blackview SHARK 8.

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Don’t also forget its 13 MP front Samsung® ISOCELL 3L6. As it delivers gorgeous yet realistic selfies and videos. The advanced Blackview ArcSoft® 7.0 technology is also applied to SHARK 8. HDR Mode delivers richer colors and stronger contrasts. And Super Night Mode provides nighttime photos with minimal image noise and enhanced clarity. Even without makeup, with the support of Blackview SHARK 8’s Beauty Mode, users still look radiant. Additionally, Blackview SHARK 8 is built to record life and capture wonders, with amazing Panorama Mode, Pro Mode and so on.  

Cutting-Edge Performance , Blazing-fast Responsiveness , Well-suited for CPU-intensive Games & Streaming

6nm Octa-core MediaTek Helio G99, Up to 16GB RAM, 256GB ROM + Up to 1TB TF, 12,361mm² Integrated Cooling System, Constant Temperature below 39°C

Blackview SHARK 8 boasts the state-of-the-art 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 processor as well. Ensuring smooth operation of high-quality games and efficient multitasking. With processor speed of up to 2.2 GHz, SHARK 8 seamlessly handles tasks such as video editing and rendering, real-time FPS gaming and high-definition video playback. Moreover, Helio G99 comes with HyperEngine 2.0 Lite gaming technology, that guarantees smoother performance even in long-term navigation. And also extends battery life without compromising gaming experience.

Featuring up to 16GB RAM, SHARK 8 provides users with top-tier fluidity for multi-window switching, efficient multitasking, and super-fast app startup. Furthermore, with 256GB ROM and up to 1TB TF card Expansion, users can freely download their favorite movies, files, music, and e-books without worrying about storage limitations. Another thing, that will excite enthusiasts, is the a superb cooling system. Designed with 12,361mm² cooling size to keep temperatures below 39°C, preventing overheating and ensuring peak performance even during long hours of gaming and streaming.

The Smoother DokeOS 4.0 Fuels Endless Youthful Passion

The Latest DokeOS 4.0 Based on Android 13:  EasyShare App  – 60x Faster than Bluetooth↑, Workspace App,  Atomized Memory 2.0,F2FS and EROFS,  Real-time Accurate Subtitles, Smart Pre-Loading – 23%↑Start-up Speed

Running on the latest DokeOS 4.0 Based on Android 13, Blackview SHARK 8 has made significant improvements in four aspects. Smoothness, efficiency, personality, and security. For smoothness, the Atomized memory 2.0 can release 5-9% of memory for other programs, ensuring SHARK 8’s performance. Focus Computing allows manual adjustment of CPU power for seamless switching between performance enhancement and power saving.Blackview SHARK 8 also employs F2FS to boost app startup speed by 25% and EROFS technology to achieve an astonishing 300% increase in loading speed. Moreover, when users are watching foreign TV programs or having meetings, SHARK 8 can also produce real-time accurate subtitles for them instantly. To boot, SHARK 8’s smart pre-loading can also increase startup speed by 23% based on users’ app preferences.

For efficiency, SHARK 8’s EasyShare App can easily transfer music, videos, or photos without mobile data or internet. Achieving transfer speed of 7.7MB/s, which is 60x faster than Bluetooth. The built-in Workspace app separates the private and work apps to protect users’ personal data and information. Regarding personality, the full set of personal themes and brand-new desktop icons provide users with more choices for endless enjoyment. Users can organize their apps into larger folders at the same time. Finally, users can customize privacy permissions to ensure that certain apps can only access specific permissions. Userusers can permit the system to automatically clear the clipboard history, preventing accidental data breaches.

Price and Availability

Blackview SHARK 8 is scheduled to make its global debut on AliExpress from November 11th to November 17th, 2023. And the final price will be only $93.99, limited to the first 50 orders per color. So check it out right here to seize the opportunity to own this incredible smartphone !

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