ETaker M2000 aims to be the most cost effective power station of the year

ETaker M2000

Power stations are already becoming quite popular, as the demand for backup electricity is skyrocketing worldwide. Especially the smaller models are very convenient in many ways and can solve the power problem in vacation homes, while camping or just purely at home. And one very interesting model just like that is about to get launched on Kickstarter with the ETaker M2000. This power station looks extremely compact and should be the smallest and lightest 2kWh portable power supply in the world. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg so let’s take a closer look at the other main features.

Small and quiet power beast

As mentioned before, the power station is a very compact one with dimensions just 25.8×21.6×35.5cm and 17kg of weight. That’s achieved thanks to several new key features and tech included. Starting with the new type of semi-solid-state battery with higher density, third gen GaN converter with high power density and integrated alloy shell design. Total output is still very respectable 2kWh (2008Wh to be exact), so can supply power to various range of power hungry devices.

ETMaker M2000


Using the third gen GaN inverter with over 95% efficiency and both active and passive heat dissipation modes also allows for a very quiet operation of the power station. ETaker M2000 is 60% lower in noise levels than other similar products. Under 1kW it’s actually running with almost zero noise. And even on higher power levels it won’t ruin the ambience. So it will be a perfect companion for enlosed spaces and such.

Rugged design to withstand harsh environments

ETaker M2000 is certainly not afraid of outdoor usage and harsh environments. Thanks to built-in battery pre-heat technology you can really use it even in very cold temperatures up to -30°C. Yes the automatic system will allow only for discharge with low power in such conditions, but it will be still working. And with the IP63 dust resistance working on top of that for protection it can withstand even 1.2-meter drop and impact. Ideal power station for complex and harsher environments in general.

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Plenty of ports and security measures

With ETaker M2000 you have plenty of output power available and you can even charge or power various devices simultaneously. For that you of course also need plenty of ports and options to do that. And the power station certainly doesn’t disappoint. We are getting 14 total ports, including 2 regular USB ports (12W each), 2 QC4.0 60W USB-A ports, 2 PD3.0 100W USB-C ports, one 150W car cigarette lighter socket, one 12V 150W XT60 output port and 6 AC output ports in total. For security and safety there are also three redundancy systems – CMS, BMS and EMS, all working in tandem. The semi-solid battery is even safer than other kinds of batteries as well.

Link-up power station for even better backup experience

Single unit of ETaker M2000 has the 2kWh capacity and power output of 2kW. But how about linking up to 10 of them together ? You can really connect 10 devices together thanks to the AC_Link technology and expand the power capacity and AC output to 20kWh and 16kW respectively. Easy to set-up just right amount of power you need. And the recharging of the power station is also there with numerous options. Ideally combining some of the SuperCharge flash charging tech for AC chagring, solar fast charging or 500W vehicle fast charging.

Crowdfunding campaign starting soon

The crowdfunding campaign for ETaker M2000 should be starting very soon and you can already subscribe there to be notified about the actual launch. And we already know, that the early bird prices will be quite a steal. It will go down from the $2199 MSRP to a final price of just $1099. So make sure to check out this new and coming powerhouse.

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