Google upgrades Gboard input method on foldable screens and tablets

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Google has recently made significant upgrades to its Gboard input method, particularly for larger-screen devices such as foldable phones and tablets. These upgrades include the introduction of a split keyboard mode, allowing for a more ergonomic and convenient typing experience.

Gboard input method

According to Mishaal Rahman, a former editor at XDA Developers and senior contributorĀ @AndroidCentral, Google is improving the Gboard input method experience on folding screens and tablets. In future versions, related devices can use a stylus to enter text directly in the input box. The report claims that this feature isĀ somewhat similar to iPadOSā€™s built-in ā€œwriteā€ function.Ā Users can handwrite text in any input area, and Gboard will convert the relevant content into text. Google also allows users to use the virtual keyboard to type other text or enter emoticons while handwriting text.

Google has introduced native stylus support in Android 14. Gboardā€™s handwrite input function is based on related APIs. But this also means that if old folding screens and tablets cannot be updated to Android 14, the device cannot use related features. Rahman also noted that theĀ Gboard’s new stylus handwriting feature isn’t exclusive to the Pixel Tablet. It is also available to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, at least the unit that he uses.

Gboard input method

Gboard Upgrades for Foldable Screens and Tablets

Google has been actively enhancing the Gboard experience for users of larger-screen devices, such as foldable phones and tablets. The recent upgrades aim to provide a more ergonomic and convenient typing experience, making it easier for users to interact with their devices.

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Split Keyboard Mode

One of the most notable upgrades is the introduction of a split keyboard mode. This feature is specifically designed for foldable Android phones, allowing the keyboard to be split in half, with each half positioned near the edges of the screen. The split keyboard mode aims to make typing on the large, expanded screens of foldable devices less awkward and more ergonomic.

Customizable Layout

In addition to the split keyboard mode, Gboard now offers a customizable split layout for foldable devices. This layout allows users to customize the key distribution and avoid typos, particularly when typing on the large inner displays of foldable phones. The split layout feature provides users with more flexibility and control over their typing experience.

Enhanced Flexibility for Tablets

Google has also extended the split keyboard functionality to Android tablets, further enhancing the typing experience on larger devices. The split keyboard feature on tablets allows for effortless typing with equal key distribution, catering to the unique needs of tablet users.

User-Friendly Adjustments

Furthermore, Gboard now allows users to make advanced adjustments to the keyboard on larger-screen devices, including tablets and foldable phones. Users can detach the Gboard from the bottom of the screen, adjust its size in terms of height and width, and reposition it anywhere on the display. These adjustments are aimed at making the keyboard more ergonomic and user-friendly, especially on devices with larger screens.

Final Words

Google’s recent upgrades to the Gboard input method demonstrate the company’s commitment to enhancing the user experience on larger-screen devices, such as foldable phones and tablets. The introduction of the split keyboard mode, customizable layout, and user-friendly adjustments reflects Google’s efforts to provide a more ergonomic and convenient typing experience for users of these devices.

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