ChatGPT voice functionality is now fully available for free

OpenAI announced that the voice function of ChatGPT is now available to all free users. This means that you can have a natural conversation with ChatGPT without paying any fees. Users of ChatGPT can now experience a decent interaction just like communicating with a real person. This new feature allows users to engage in back-and-forth voice conversations with ChatGPT. It provides a more natural and intuitive way to interact with the AI. The voice capability is available on the ChatGPT mobile apps for both iOS and Android. It is powered by OpenAI’s models, including Whisper, their open-source speech-to-text model, and a new text-to-speech mode.

ChatGPT voice functionality

When updating the app on the Google Play Store, you can see this updated information in the “Events and Orders” section. It now reads: “Now you can use your voice to interact naturally with ChatGPT, whether you are chatting on the go or reading to your family at bedtime. Whether you’re reading a story or settling a dinner debate, ChatGPT has you covered. Just download the ChatGPT app and tap the headphone icon to start the conversation!”

Although the Apple App Store has not yet released relevant announcements, this feature has also been quietly launched in the iOS version of the app. However, it is very important to warn users about chatbots. 

Voice Functionality for Free Users

OpenAI’s latest update has democratized access to the voice feature, enabling all free users to engage with the AI via voice commands. This advancement could help content and search marketers create interactive content and reshape their approach to content and SEO.

The feature was previously limited to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users with access to an iPhone or iPad. To use the feature, users need to download the ChatGPT app on their phone and tap the headphones icon to start a conversation. They can then choose from five different voices: Breeze, Ember, Cove, Juniper, and Sky. The voice feature may increase user interaction, offering a more natural and intuitive way to engage with AI.

How to Use Voice Conversations

How to turn on the voice function? Use the following steps below

  • Download the ChatGPT app
  • Click the headset icon
  • Select your preferred voice (including multiple male and female voices and different accents)
  • Start chatting with ChatGPT.

To start a voice conversation, users can tap the headphones icon in the ChatGPT app. Once the connection is established, ChatGPT will be listening for the user to speak. The voice feature is in beta, and OpenAI plans to incorporate user feedback and refine the most popular use cases before launching these capabilities.

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Voice Control Extensions

In addition to the built-in voice functionality, there are also third-party extensions available to enhance voice control for ChatGPT. For instance, there are Chrome extensions that enable voice typing and speech-to-text capability in various web-based applications, including ChatGPT. These extensions allow users to talk to ChatGPT using their voice instead of typing, providing a faster and more fluid way to communicate with the AI. The extensions add read-aloud or listen buttons for each message, highlight the sentence or phrase being listened to, and offer customizable keyboard shortcuts.

One such extension is VoiceWave: ChatGPT Voice Control, which allows users to talk to ChatGPT using their microphone in over 145 languages. It also offers real-time answers and conversations, seamless voice interface integration, voice chat, and voice typing. The extension is easily customizable, allowing users to change the voice control and input language, adjust the speaking speed, and set a custom voice.

Another extension is Talk-to-ChatGPT, which is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It allows users to talk with the ChatGPT AI using their voice and listen to its answers through a voice. The extension supports ElevenLabs API integration, which means users can create their voices for text-to-speech. Talk-to-ChatGPT displays a menu on the top right corner of the page where users can access the settings language.

Voice Control for ChatGPT is another extension that enables users to have voice conversations with ChatGPT in Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It adds an extra button below the input field and allows users to record and send their voice messages to ChatGPT.

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Final Words

The availability of ChatGPT’s voice functionality for free users represents a significant advancement in AI interaction. This new feature not only provides a more natural way to engage with the AI but also opens up opportunities for creating interactive content and improving user experience. With the addition of voice capabilities, ChatGPT continues to evolve as a versatile and user-friendly AI platform. ChatGPT Voice Control Extensions are useful tools for interacting with the ChatGPT AI using voice commands. These extensions offer real-time answers and conversations, seamless voice interface integration, and customizable settings.

Please note that chatbots like ChatGPT are not real people. Thus, you need to be very cautious about any information they provide. We recommend that you have a pretty decent knowledge about a topic before using chatbots. Otherwise, it could give you a completely false response and you wouldn’t even have the slightest clue that it’s false.

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